Tom Dixon Releases In-House Developed Marbled Material

Resembling three-dimensional marbled paper, but with the weight of stone, Swirl is a new material developed by Tom Dixon Studio. It made its debut at Parisian design fair Maison & Objet, in the form of bookends, candleholders and more. Dixon says that the mysterious material comes from the marble industry’s recycled, powdered residue which is then poured and cut. Read more at Dezeen.

Surprising Materials at London Design Festival 2018

From sisal beasts to printed bacteria and salmon skins, all at this year's magnificent event

At this year’s London Design Festival (LDF), designers worked with surprising materials to showcase projects employing everything from high-tech solutions to unexpected but traditional fibers. Plastics were repurposed, as were the skins of fish. As-yet-unseen materials were printed. And so much more came to light. Here are some of our favorite projects and pieces from the festival’s King’s Cross Design Route, the London Design Biennale …

Tom Dixon’s ROCK Homeware Collection

Sculptural, marbled additions to any tabletop

  ROCK, Tom Dixon Studio‘s newest collection, embodies Dixon’s affinity for marble, playfulness and solid materiality. The line of Indian green marble artifacts includes varying sizes of candleholders, three different serving boards and our favorite, a pair of dumbbells that do double duty as door stops. All of the pieces carry impressive weight—making them sturdy additions to your table or desk. As with any marble …