Shabd x Baggu

Eco-friendly totes and backpacks in out-of-this-world tie-dyes

Brooklyn-based designer online.

Erik Schedin Relaunched Products

A Swedish proprietor re-releases his modern classics for men

A CH favorite, Erik Schedin of Sweden makes a finely edited collection of essentials, accessories and products sharing a pared-down aesthetic. Proving his chops as a designer, standouts include items that Schedin created himself, which have just been newly relaunched. First dropped in 2008 in just one size, his white leather sneakers—the epitome of understatement—are back in production in sizes 41-45 (8-11.5 US) for around …

Alice Park Accessories

An L.A. architect's exclusive line of leather goods

L.A.-based architect and interior designer Alice Park‘s side project focuses on objects considerably smaller than that of an average California home. She brings a hip, sleek minimalism to her line of accessories, which includes keychains, totes and wallets made out of incredibly soft kidskin leather (and sometimes twill). She designed her line with her own needs in mind. “I make something I like or need, …