Hayes Solos Raffle and Amanda J. Parkes are the creators of Topobo, a building kit with kinetic memory. That means the creations remember and playback the way you push and pull them. Build a creature, teach it how to walk, it walks. Taking the ideas behind Legos and Capsela to a new level, Topobo is fun and subversively educational! Currently a project in Hiroshi Ishii's …

Kidrobot Speakers

I'm over my Harman/Kardon desk speakers. They sound nice, but are really nothing special to look at. Time for a replacement. A pair of these little guys from Kid Robot would do just fine. Too bad the orange ones are already sold out. $99 – $249 at Kid Robot via sensoryimpact

Wave Texting

Remember that toy from 1981, the 3220. Nokia calls it Light Messaging, others call it Air Texting. Whatever you call it, stay tuned for a fun new way to flirt, flame or play.