Archimedes: Chia Pet Meets Tamagotchi

Like the Tamagotchi, Archimedes is a little friend from Japan brought to you as a way to care for and consider the meaning of life. Unlike the Tamagotchi, which was digital, Archimedes is analog. You get a little guy in a glass vial with some seeds. Over the course of about a month the habitat will sprout, bloom, flourish, die, and decay. Little Archimedes survives …

Kozik Smoking Bunny

What is it about cute things being naughty? I'm in love with these Kozik bunnies. Okay, so the one on the left is the Kozik Smoking Bunny, which is available at Toy Tokyo for about $60. If you're unwilling to throw down that amount of money, check out the Smorkin Labbits (right) at Kidrobot. I think I'm gonna build a small army.