Sound by Human

A multi-functional, futuristic device for audio, biometrics, spoken translation and more

At first glance, Sound by Human is unlike any listening device on the market. Seeking to reinvent both headphones and earphones, they felt the ideal form factor was in between the two; their on-ear design is a bit unconventional, as is the range of things it offers. Futuristic, minimal, logical and admittedly a bit curious. The brainchild of co-founders Ben Willis and Joe Dieter, Sound …

An Earpiece to Translate Foreign Languages in Real-Time

Since learning an entirely new language every time you travel is a bit absurd, there will always be boundaries when trying to communicate in foreign nations. Enter the Pilot earpiece by Waverly Labs: an in-ear, real-time translator that will allow users to seamlessly converse with each other even if they’re speaking two different languages—similar to what Skype’s in-call translator feature can do. The device is …

Translating Sound To Color: Tim Bavington

Music translated into grandiose paintings by a British artist in the American desert

Drawing inspiration from the neon mania of surrounding Las Vegas, NV, artist Tim Bavington does’t shy away from bold colors. Combining his artistic prowess with his love of music, Bavington invented a color-coded chord wheel that lets him translate songs into paintings. With each line representing a different note or chord, he brings music to life on canvas.