Bike Snob

A timely, urban-geared guide to the world of cycling

The forthcoming witty guide to the world of cycling called “Bike Snob” is the brainchild of NYC’s eponymous blogger. Choosing to remain anonymous, Bike Snob explains why the bicycle is truly a great invention (even the Amish use it) and takes his readers from bike basics to advanced cycling, waxing lyrical about the various types of cyclists, safety tactics, and how non-cyclists should engage with …

Human Subway Map

Good mag highlights Sam Loman's new subway map of the human body

Good Magazine highlights a new illustration from Sam Loman that incorporates subway design into a map of the human body. The body shows urinary, digestive, arterial and respiratory lines, among many others, with stops at the liver, kidneys and more. The biggest transfer point is, of course, the heart. Check out the visual at Good.

London Taxi iPhone App

New iPhone app takes traffic into account when calculating London taxi fares

Launched this week, the London Taxi iPhone app calculates in a few seconds the fare from one point to another in one of the city’s signature Black Cabs—taking into account both the time of day and projected traffic conditions. Created by two recently laid-off Transport for London planners, the young entrepreneurs took their knowledge of London’s transport system and applied it to a much-needed technology …