Forest Tumblers

Crafted from the lower portion of recycled Bordeaux bottles, The Green Glass Co.’s Forest Tumbler set upcycles more than materials—it brings along the nostalgia and charm of great wine. Each glass in the set of four holds 10 oz portions of your favorite beverage. It’s a product that demonstrates that the eco-conscious Milwaukee, Wisconsin company behind it all strives to make useful, responsible items.

Norlan’s Snifter-Meets-Tumbler Whisky Glass

Advanced design nuances aim to optimize aromatics and aesthetics

Last year, design firm Norlan Glass—spearheaded by Icelandic designer Sruli Recht, and acclaimed global retail designers Brian Fichtner and Shane Bahng—entered the scene with a successfully backed Kickstarter campaign for their collapsible laptop stand, Pillar. This morning, the team returns to the crowdfunding platform with a view in mind to impact a different industry: the world of alcohol consumption. Their Norlan whisky glass incorporates design …

Denver and Liely Whisky Glass

A hand-blown design from Australia worthy of the best sipping spirits

There is an art to the consumption of alcohol and, for centuries, glass-blowers and designers have attempted to create the perfect drinking vessel. Melbourne-based Denver & Liely‘s new whisky glass unites the two most respected forms of bourbon, rye and scotch drinkware: the tumbler and the snifter. More than a beautiful, uncommon piece of design, these glasses genuinely channel the full character of whisky, for …