Neapolitan Pizza Makers Added to UNESCO Cultural List

Known as pizzaiuoli, the pizza makers of Naples, Italy have been added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity listing, by the organization’s committee for safeguarding culture. Roughly 3000 pizza makers were added to the list, along with 32 other non-pizza-related organizations across the globe. As pizza maker Antonio Sorbillo explained to the New York Times, “We make a product that has conquered the world.”

Afghanistan’s “Carved” Cultural Center Design

UNESCO has just revealed the winner of a months-long competition seeking a design for a new cultural center in Afghanistan’s Central Highlands region. The competition was launched by UNESCO along with the Afghan government’s Ministry of Information and Culture after the area’s two giant 17th-century cliff-carvings of Buddha were destroyed by Taliban militants. The winning design by an Argentina-based team elegantly “carves” the cultural center …