A+: The Young Designers’ Platform

Our favorite three emerging designers from the American Design Club's latest show

An opportunity for emerging designers to showcase their work, A+: The Young Designers’ Platform took place earlier this month during the Accent on Design event at New York’s International Gift Fair. The American Design Club curated the event, aiming to highlight raw new creatives and their recent contributions to the design world. Seven out of ten of this year’s winners also had a focus on …


A cast of curious characters handcrafted from upcycled materials

The brainchild of Wisconsin-based artist Amy Arnold, Peepwool are individual stuffed dolls handmade from completely recycled materials. A mix of personality and found objects, no single Peepwool looks the same as the next. Arnold started creating Peepwool when she came across a box of remnants she had been keeping in her parents’ basement. As a new mother at the time, Arnold used the found materials …

Haesu Kwon

A recent Parsons grad weaves vintage yarns with new materials for totally original knitwear