Studio Swine’s Sea Chair: Into The Gyre

Using solar ovens and a 3D printer, two designers turn ocean clogging plastic to furniture

After creating the award-winning Sea Chair (made from discarded plastic washed up on beaches), London-based design duo Studio Swine has decided to take their project to the next level. Not content with the attention they have already drawn to the disastrous reality of plastic ocean pollution, artist Alexander Groves and architect Azusa Murakami decided to take their project to the source of the Sea Chair …

Electric Waste Orchestra

Creating unconventional musical instruments from outdated computer parts and other e-waste

In the hubbub of Moogfest, we serendipitously ran into a guy wearing purple 3D-printed eyeglasses and holding something that looked like a keytar. Upon closer inspection, and with the house lights turned up, it turned out to be a musical instrument made from outdated computer parts. Colten Jackson wasn’t a speaker at the festival, but a passionate musician who made the trek to Asheville from …

Upcycled iMac Pet Bed

The ’90s stay alive—for your animals at least—with this upcycled iMac pet bed. This isn’t some nostalgic reproduction, this is the actual shell of a candy-colored computer hollowed out to make room for a cozy nook for a small dog or cat.