Boeing Offers Used Parts

Boeing’s latest program is hoping to find new homes for decommissioned airplane parts. In a move to encourage reuse and recycling, the aerospace corporation is currently offering used airplane windows, cockpit panels and even jet-fighter gun sights in its “Custom Hangar” web shop. So far the program has been extremely successful, making it difficult for Boeing to keep parts in stock as artists, interior designers …

Recycled Wool Throw

This cozy wool blanket is as good for naps as it is the environment. Made in the USA from a blend of sustainably raised wool and recycled acrylics that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill, the 45” x 66” throw has a luxuriously soft heathered feel with contrasting whipstitch for style points.

Recycled Fiber Swing

Amp up your hammock game with Michele Varian’s beautiful, bohemian riff on the classic. The Recycled Fiber Swing weaves together sturdy, colorful ropes in a cozy, kill-an-afternoon chair that adds a real dash of something different to a room or terrace.