Art Activist Liina Klauss’ Sculpture From 5,000 Salvaged Flip-Flops

From ocean plastic waste to a large-scale installation at Bali's Potato Head Beach Club

Even in the idyllic dreamscape of Bali, marine pollution—and ocean plastics—strangle and destroy natural beauty. To draw continued attention to this plight, Bali’s Potato Head Beach Club called upon German-born artist and activist Liina Klauss to build a permanent outdoor installation with the goal to maintain awareness. Enlisting a team, Klauss collected more than 5,000 flip-flops from the shores of Bali’s west coast. Sorted, bound …

Malmö Upcycling Service’s “Odds & Ends” Made From Recycled Materials

Using waste materials to create new objects, Malmö Upcycling Service’s “Odds & Ends” collection includes pieces made from “brick, glass, acrylic, stone, and sheet metal.” Unveiled at Reykjavík, Iceland’s DesignMarch last week, the range includes a coffee table, mirror, vase and more. The contrasting materials and clean lines have combined for a selection of products that are tactile and sophisticated. See more at Dezeen.

A Multifunctional, Blue-Stained Wooden Bike Rack

Upcycled from trees devastated by the pine beetle epidemic in British Columbia

ICYMI: a pine beetle epidemic has attacked more than 44 million acres of pine trees in British Columbia over the past 15 years—with warmer temperatures aiding the population to grow and spread far beyond its typical reach. Not only do the beetles lay eggs beneath the tree bark—eventually killing the tree—but they also insert a fungus that stains the wood blue. This aesthetic “defect” earns …