Donky Bike

With front and back cargo-hauling capacity, the Donky Bike—created by British designer Ben Wilson—is an ingenious city bike designed to agilely weave through city streets at low speeds. The steel beam distributes the cargo’s weight so it is held by the frame, not handlebars as with front-end baskets, and the 20″ wheels give the bike not only extra dexterity but also a rugged BMX-like appearance.

Off The Grid at Gallery R’Pure

A designer camping trip with Frederick McSwain and François Chambard's first collaborative collection

If glamorous camping is “glamping,” does that make designer camping “damping?” Whatever you call the pristine, outdoors-inspired objects in “Off the Grid“—the collaboration between designer François Chambard of UM Project and artist and designer Frederick McSwain—the exhibition playfully riffs on the title, from literal interpretations of grid-based design to more free-thinking explorations of what it means to take the design off the grid. For Chambard, …


Photographer Filip Dujardin's solo exhibit blurs the line between architectural fact and fiction

With his wonderfully imaginative architectural “photomontages,” artist Filip Dujardin addresses questions of what might have been and what’s still to come. Pulling solely from his extensive archive of his own photographs of buildings, urban spaces and landscapes, the Belgian artist dissects and meticulously reassembles images—with the assistance of computer retouching—to create an augmented reality of near-believable structures in bizarrely complementary environments. Dujardin’s second solo exhibition …