Solar on the Move with Sun King PRO

A portable and affordable sun-fueled lamp and USB charger to keep you powered

As solar cells have become more durable, compact, efficient and cheap to produce, the technology has gradually found its way into a greater number of consumer products. From backpacks to watches , harnessing the sun’s energy has never been more accessible. And the Sun King PRO from Chicago-based Greenlight Planet means a weatherproof solar panel charges a highly durable 165-lumen LED lamp. The lamp runs …


Melbourne startup Orbitkey aims to simplify the ubiquitous keychain with an elegant leather band that minimizes the rattling of keys. The design also allows you to add optional accessories, like a bottle opener or USB key.

The Indoor and Outdoor FollowMe Lamp from Marset

A modern, lantern-like table lamp designed to let you roam your home

Barcelona is known for its flair—in natural geography, architecture and style of the city’s inhabitants. With this in mind, it’s no surprise one of the most exciting companies in lighting at the moment hails from the coastal city. Though Marset has been around since the 1940s, a recent revitalization of the brand has kept it on our radar these past few years. Their latest piece …