Pretty Little USB Bug

I have to agree with Joel, this is definitely the most elegant USB drive made so far. It's only USB 1.1 (they slow version) and only holds 256MB, but that's all trumped by the gold lady bug design. For true Geek Chic all you need to do is glue a stick pin to the back of it and wear it on your lapel. via

USB Cafe Pad

Not being able to read Japanese I can only make assumptions based on the photos. It sure looks like the Cafe Pad is a USB powered cup warmer. I think this thing made it's rounds on the gadget blogs over a year ago, but it's still an unnecessary yet exciting mobile accessory.

Zip Linq Retractable Cables

Zip Linq retractable cables solve the tangled cluttered mess of today's not quite wireless mobile world. They offer USB, Fire Wire, data cables and more– all with a retractable mechanism. Among their more innovative products is a cell phone charger that plugs in to your computer's USB port. Until our mobile devices are truly wireless, these cables at least promise to keep our bags a …