Uniform Tie

Raw food according to GZA, tech-enabled treadmills, taxidermy beer bottles and more in our Saturday link special

Maybe it’s the clever tote bag it comes in or maybe it’s the unapologetic minimalism, but there’s something about the utterly simple, hand-crafted Uniform Tie from Apolis Activism that hits all our object-fetish buttons just right.

Mr. Q Cumber Soda

Meet your new mixer muse, a sparkling cucumber beverage

Balanced with just the right touch of tang and sweetness, the cucumber taste of Mr. Q Cumber soda has been making a buzz around CH HQ. Over ice, the carbonated drink is a satisfying summer-in-the-city thirst quencher. As our mixer muse of the moment, we’ve been pairing it with just about everything in our bar and find it goes best with tequila, vodka, gin or …

Cassava Chips

Three new chip brands tap yuca root to make a healthier tasty snack

Easy to grow and cook, the starchy root cassava (aka tapioca or yuca) is something like the potato of several warmer climates. But the veggie has more fiber and potassium than its spud counterpart, making a healthier and increasingly popular alternative in several foods, including in these new chip brands we came across recently at the Fancy Food Show. One of the firsts to bring …