The Natural Simplicity of Cork

Exploring the ways in which designers use the material to create clean and sustainable pieces

Presented by the New Range Rover Velar

Few materials are as versatile as cork. The pliable, lightweight, eco-friendly material is much more than a bottle stopper, lending itself as an accent or main medium in decorative and furniture fabrications. Because of this flexibility, cork is booming, becoming a new way for designers to play with simple, approachable works that reflect the character of the wood. By stripping away unnecessary additions and details, …

What is Reductionism?

Inspired by the New Range Rover Velar, we dig in to the less-is-more philosophy

Presented by the New Range Rover Velar

“Reductionism is about taking away excess in design,” says Gerry McGovern, Land Rover’s Chief Design Officer, and the Range Rover Velar, the brand’s newest vehicle, delivers on that maxim. From its debut at the London Design Museum to our first hands-on drive up Norway’s coast, we’ve seen and admired that bold call to action come to life. Today we’re proud to announce our partnership with …