Stitched Black Cherry Vessel

Beauty lies in the natural irregularity of Magpie & Rye’s oblong vessel made from foraged, hand-turned black cherry wood and stitched with copper wire. Even standing alone, the rustic piece makes a statement.

Emily Reinhardt: The Object Enthusiast

The Omaha-based artist creates made-to-order ceramic vessels to hold all your treasures

Ceramic artist Emily Reinhardt has given herself a very apt alias: The Object Enthusiast. The Omaha-based creator makes vessels that are part geometric and part organic; looking like something naturally grown, yet with tinge of human interference. While all her offerings are covetable, we especially like her polka-dot spherical vases, speckled dishes and faceted vases—all complete with copper or gold leaf embellishment. “My faceted vessels …

Asymmetric Vessel

British designer Sarah Thirlwell works in sustainably sourced wood and colored acrylics to create handsome asymmetrical vessels. Fitted with a test tube to hold flower stems, the award-winning design plays “on juxtapositions of synthetic and natural, light and opaque.”