Thriller -In Lego

Lego Goes to Hollywood features stop motion animation of Lego scenes. The nuttiest, by far, is Michael Jackson's Thriller. It's quite true to the original 80's video. download the video here

Walkie Talkie Man by Michel Gondry

The genius of Michel Gondry strikes again. He combines live action footage with stop motion crochet animation to create an incredible video for Steriogram’s Walkie Talkie Man. check out the video here

Polymer Vision

Philips owned Polymer Vision is capable of producing prototypes of ultra-thin, large-area, rollable displays on a routine basis and intends to rapidly move toward an industrially feasible production process. The displays combine active-matrix polymer driving electronics with a reflective ‘electronic ink’ front plane on an extremely thin sheet of plastic that has very low power requirements. This presents new opportunities for mobile devices and takes …