Who needs an imaginary friend when you can have a foldable friend? These 3D paper pals are completely customizable and take on a range of attributes to resemble their human counterparts. Great for kids and co-workers, these easy to assemble little twinsies will make spectacular desk accessories and children’s toys, as they serve as a constant validation of our unique character.

Needlepoint Boombox Wallet

A wallet with a subject matter as loud as its styling, this colorful billfold is stitched with a Pop Art-inpired pattern and a retro boombox motif, fusing our favorite ’90s stereo system with an ironic dash of East Coast prep—a cash-worthy combo on multiple levels that’s far from grandma’s needlepoint projects.

Marou, Faiseurs de Chocolat

Two chocolatiers combine Vietnamese ingredients with traditional French methods for award-winning bars

Marou, Faiseurs de Chocolat is appealing at first for its sweet packaging, but even more so for what’s inside. Two French chocolatiers, whose names together make Marou, created the first “bean to bar” single-origin chocolate company in Vietnam after a trip through the region in 2010. Using the purest Vietnamese ingredients and traditional French methods, the company has created five superior chocolate bars—and they were …