Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Last weekend we were invited out to San Francisco, CA to try out the new 2009 Volskwagen Jetta TDI Clean Diesel and were pleasantly surprised in more ways than one. It had enough torque and power to zip through downtown San Francisco, across the Golden Gate Bridge through Sausalito, and was smooth and quiet on the winding roads up through Napa. Even better, almost 200 …

Cool Hunting Video Presents: Lee Stoetzel

Blurring line between nature and technology, Lee Stoetzel shows us his latest work, like a VW bus made entirely of wood

Juxtaposing nature with man-made objects, Pennsylvania-based artist Lee Stoetzel uses woods chosen for their natural flaws to make large-scale sculptures. In this video we visit Lee at his home studio where he’s disassembling his life-size replica of a VW bus to transport to an art fair. He also shows us his latest work—giant models of fixed-gear bikes—and his workshop.