Colorful Risograph 2020 Wall Calendar

Printed in A3 format on 100 g/m2 white uncoated paper, this Flamingo Press 2020 calendar shines brightly, courtesy of the risograph printing process. Utilizing three colors—blue, fluorescent orange and white— each month’s image is different, from beach scenes to still lifes and text-driven prints. Price is in GBP.

Kosho Tsuboi’s Magic Wall Calendar

As a part of Google’s Android Experiments concept project series, industrial designer Kosho Tsuboi has proposed a hi-res, electronic, paper, wall calendar. Despite advances in calendar apps, many of us remain divided between our digital scheduling and tactile wall or agenda planning. Tsuboi’s Magic Calendar unites both by way of an “interconnected paper-thin e-ink color display.” Tsuboi actually spent time in a zen monastery, perhaps …

Creative Calendars and Planners for 2017

Snazzy options to help keep organized and inspired

Unless you were given a calendar, planner or agenda for the holidays, most people wait a few days into the new year before realizing it’s time to get organized. While there is a plethora of apps to help with scheduling and completing tasks, there’s nothing quite like a tangible wall, desk or pocket option, and if it’s especially well-designed—even better. We searched the internet and …