Autodromo Prototipo Chronographs

Two new watches that recall the golden days of sports car racing

Bradley Price, founder of Officine Autodromo, not only recognizes the romanticism and beauty of early automobile racing, he also captures it in his design work—across gloves, sunglasses and watches. His two latest releases in the Prototipo Chronograph series certainly evoke the late ’60s and early ’70s with their barrel cases and retro-tinged color palettes, but there’s also beautifully modern finishing and detail work that brings …

The Bulgari Octo: Master Watchmakers

An interview with the team behind the watch's classic, yet forward-thinking design

Impressed by the stunning, geometric design of the Bulgari Octo, we’ve taken time to explore its inspirations and shed light on a watch that steps beyond the traditional. To bolster our knowledge of the timeless architectural structure applied to the timepiece, we spoke with some of Bulgari’s watch experts for further insight. With their depth of knowledge and their deeper understanding of the watch’s influence …

SIHH 2014: Panerai Pocket Watch 3 Days

One of the most innovative brands in watchmaking debuts pieces not for your wrist

Following the success of last year’s introduction of the