Tagging Time

When it comes to fashion, are you ever on time? Or always ahead of schedule? Now you can track it. Vessel created the teeny-weeny Tempo Time Tag – a sleek chronometer that doubles as a fashion accessory. This wee digital timepiece is the size of your fingertip and clips anywhere: use it as a tie tack, a collar brooch, a “pocket watch” or simply attach …


Isamu Sanada speculates future Apple designs. His latest, hiPod, is a wristwatch / mp3 player / cell phone / pda. Whether or not Apple will launch a smartphone remains to be seen, but this concept (as well as his hiPhone concept) have me fantasizing about the possibility. via cult of mac, via kottke

Telson TWC 1150

South Korean Telson Electronics has unveiled a crazy new wrist watch cell phone. The TWC 1150 includes all the features of a modern camera phone, but is designed to be worn on your wrist. It's said to be light, though clearly it's bulky -not a daily wear piece, but cool none the less. via cellular-news.com