Interview: Wayout Micro-Factories Co-Founder and Creative Director, Martin Renck

The brand's automated machines filter water and drastically reduce reliance on traditional production techniques

Swedish sustainable technology firm Wayout successfully engineered an all-encompassing, solar-powered brewing system—essentially a micro-factory—that’s available at a flat rate through a subscription plan. All of the machine’s processes are automated—filtering water (which can be done instantly) or brewing beer, soft drinks, sodas, ciders, and kombucha (which take seven to 10 days)—and can be monitored locally via a smartphone app or from the firm’s office in Stockholm. …

360 V7 Adventure Kit

Made from vacuum-insulated stainless steel, Mizu water bottle is outfitted with a reusable straw and an “adventure purifier.” The latter filters 99.999% of contaminants, making it ideal for any outdoor setting. And, the 22oz capacity is convenient for longer treks and less refills.

Soma 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

Sustainable, stunning and now fit for a full household

Every so often a design for a common object resonates and forces us to rethink items often dubbed basics. The water pitcher is a common ware for interpretation, with memorable iterations by designers from Tom Dixon to Antonio Aricó. Fewer stunning designs in this category however incorporate filtration systems. San Francisco-based Soma captivated the design community when they launched in 2012 with their handsome Chemex-like …