Surfing + Swimming Earplugs

Designed to sit in the auricle—which is outside the head—these earplugs are a safer and healthier option than many others that venture too close to the ear canal. Subtle and effective, this affordable accessory will help to prevent Surfer’s Ear (aka exostosis) in swimmers, divers and surfers alike.

The Key Log

Technological progress like those on a Key Log represent the best of what separates man from beast. Gone are the dark ages of treacherous, splintering logs in the middle of a lake—this 65-pound portable tube simulates the good old-fashioned fun of a log roll with special innovations to help control speed so kids can learn to balance while having a splash.

EQ Seals

Ear protection for water-bound athletes that doesn't inhibit performance

For everyone from surfers to sailers, ear protection is a major concern. Whether it’s exposure to pollution, high winds or simply spending too much time in the water, ear infections are a common and debilitating ailment. While most earplugs hinder hearing and throw off one’s equilibrium, the new EQ Seals use an innovative design and medical technology to protect the ears of water sport enthusiasts …