Preparation Concierge: Getting Ahead of Climate Change

A pragmatic guide to equipping yourself for disasters

Last year was the fourth-hottest in recorded human history. We’re facing an endless fire season in the west, hurricanes to the east, and floods just about everywhere. It’s undeniable that climate change will affect all of us, but the idea of getting ahead of the effects is daunting. We often hear about making a disaster plan, but Googling the word “preparation” leads to panicked doomsday-prepper …

A Site That Explores The News Before The News

The News Before the Storm is a site that showcases a series of clippings from newspapers the day before and earlier on the day of the world’s most horrific stories—for instance, 9/11 or the 2011 Japanese tsunami. By showing the two side-by-side, then melding them together through collage and overlay, the creators of the series, Ben Polkinghorne and Scott Kelly, investigate the ferociousness of the news …

Small Steps, yet Big Leaps

Driven by clarity and the need to inspire, our site redesign is live

One year in the making—and almost four years after our last refresh—we’ve just unveiled a brand new design for the site. As we’ve affirmed and honed our mission statement, you’ll continue to find much of what you’ve long loved about COOL HUNTING here. We aim, of course, to inspire, to quench curiosity, to filter through the ever-changing world of design and uncover that which speaks to the future. And yet, you’ll find that our visual emphasis has changed. Our previous six redesigns pushed boundaries and targeted unknown-to-the internet innovation. This time, clarity drives the site so that viewers can easily discover what we’ve spent time sharing.