Aether Cone

A new simple, elegant speaker that focuses on a seamless listening experience


In a market saturated with compact music players, it’s refreshing to see a brand that stands out from the pack. With a focus on ease of use and elegant design, the Aether Cone promises to maintain its status as the sleekest container for tunes on the market. Approaching the product with a “package” ethos, Aether engineered a simple player that contains all the components to …

Aether Cone

The simple and elegantly designed Aether Cone combines the best features of portable home listening into a compact package. With adaptive technology and voice commands the more tunes you play the better the Cone learns your taste, and you can speak your choices instead of fumbling with your smartphone to make a selection.

SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker

The Bose SoundLink Bluetooth speaker packs a serious punch of sound into a small, portable device. Connecting wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet, this lightweight speaker is ideal for those who like to jam out when they’re on the go, and the 8-hour battery life and USB-based recharge make it easy to keep on grooving.