FRÉ Skincare

Protection from damage caused by workouts, sweat, sun and pollution

Launching online this week, FRÉ Skincare has been thoughtfully dreamed up, researched and concocted with one goal in mind: to protect skin from damage caused by exposure to the sun and pollution. While that is a common mission for skin products, FRÉ differs in their approach; they were thinking solely about women who workout and therefore sweat—meaning their usual sunscreens and moisturizers might not actually …

The Key Log

Technological progress like those on a Key Log represent the best of what separates man from beast. Gone are the dark ages of treacherous, splintering logs in the middle of a lake—this 65-pound portable tube simulates the good old-fashioned fun of a log roll with special innovations to help control speed so kids can learn to balance while having a splash.