Large Pencil Bucket

Doug Johnston’s Large Pencil Bucket is a nice and useful addition to the desktop, and a hand-coiled work of art. Having studied architecture and worked as a metal fabricator in addition to weaving and presenting his varied, sculptural rope pieces, Johnston’s vision of construction translates to objects large and small.

Hand-Woven Marine Rope Mat

Austrian-born, NYC-based Sophie Aschauer became fascinated with nautical ropes after a New England sailing trip. Her penchant for the vibrant marine material can be seen in her hand-woven floor mats, each crafted in different sizes and colors from recycled rope.

Tablecloth HH

Go halvsies with Diario’s light blue and aqua tablecloth, which merges graphic colorblocking with the soothing shades of the sea. Designer Moisés Hernández’s Mexican heritage inspired him to create Diario, which consists of everyday objects recollected and developed in his native country. This beautiful textile is hand-woven by local weavers, brothers Filipe and José, and based on the soft color combinations prevalent in Oaxaca.