Denim Tulip Hat

Part of YOWIE’s five-year anniversary collection, this denim hat has been made by Holsol—a shop and studio founded by Suldano Abdiruhman, Bokeum Jeon and Eloise Parisi. Handmade in their West Philadelphia location, the lined hat has a 23-inch diameter.

Road Trip: Pittsburgh to Philadelphia

Crossing Pennsylvania with stops throughout the state

The drive across Pennsylvania—beginning in Pittsburgh and ending in Philadelphia—is notoriously dull if you adhere to the statewide Turnpike aka America’s Super Highway, built in 1940. The ride isn’t that long (just under five hours) but its design prohibits small businesses and sightseeing destinations from populating its path. When embarking on this trip, we suggest making a few stops in the beginning for breakfast and …

X-Large Embroidered Tote

From beloved Philadelphia design shop YOWIE (founded by Shannon Maldonado) comes an extra-large, extra-useful tote. Handmade and printed in Los Angeles, it measures 21 inches wide and 15 inches tall, with a 5.5-inch gusset and thick practical straps. It’s perfect for groceries, a picnic or even as a beach bag—and also reps one of our favorite stores.