Five Bike Helmets


Unless you’re one of those obsessives who likes to get geared up in full racing attire for a few laps around town, you aren’t keen on wearing a helmet that looks like the nose of a fighter jet. Some city cyclists forego wearing helmets simply because they aren't well designed and look dorky. We’ve scoured the web and sourced a few that will save both your street cred and your noggin.

To kick off our selections, we have to tip our hats to the purveyors of style over at Jorg & Olif, the Vancouver-based retailer known for their modish Dutch city bikes. They’re selling a sweet safety lid that’s purebred equestrian for $75 (above). via OzoLife.


Specialized claims their $55 Skilled helmet (above left) is for the agro rider that wants a helmet to match their style. It looks to us more like a riff on the old school shorty helmet motorcyclists favor. Whoever it's for, it's a good look for city cruising.

The Bell Citi helmet (above right) is the most resembling of a standard racing helmet, but offers a more rounded form without all the multi-colored excess of most streamliners. At $48, it’s also the most commuter friendly, providing a rear strap to attach a blinky light and an option to add a flip mirror.


Hands down, Bern makes the best looking helmets on the market. Not only does their exclusive Zip Mold technology create stronger shells, but they are also thinner and lighter than most every multi-sport helmet. The Baker (above left), coming in at $50, was the world’s first action sports helmet with a built-in functional visor. Without ventilation channels, it could be rather toasty in the summer months, but sometimes styling takes a little sweat. Most helmet manufacturers simply apply different colors to the same shells for women’s lines, however Bern produces helmets exclusively shaped for women riders. The Berkeley (above right) is the lightest, lowest profile action helmet on the market for women and it's pocket friendly at $60.