Making Stuff for Kids


A craft book for children of the "craft revolution," "Making Stuff Kids" from Black Dog Publishing celebrates crafting as a great way to improve skills such as imagination, dexterity and problem-solving, as well as the increased opportunity for family time that arises when children and parents step away from their computers and video games and make something together. Like the craft book for adults that preceded it, Making Stuff also celebrates the virtues of getting messy and a love for the process of creating. Featuring childhood arts and craft favorites like potato stamps, pet rocks and scratch arts, it also has traditional crafts like knitting, felting, and cross-stitch and innovative projects designed by artists.

The easy-to-follow (though written in British vernacular) instructions for making a range of projects for different skill levels and ages and a section of projects that adults can make for their children are supplemented by full-color photos and charming illustrations.

Directions for the Pecky Beak Puppet project (click for detail).


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