Method Laundry Detergent


Eliminating waste in more ways than one, Method's powerful new laundry detergent makes washing "smarter, easier and greener" with its "smartclean" technology and precise pump.

With its extremely concentrated patent-pending formula, Method packs enough suds into one small package to clean 50 loads of laundry. Requiring just four squirts, the ingenious pump delivers an easy way to always add a consistently accurate amount while eliminating the messy drip that usually happens with traditional spout design.

The environmentally-friendly recyclable bottle—made of 50% recycled plastic and at a compact size that uses 36% less plastic—ultimately results in a smaller carbon footprint. Using a plant-based formula, the soap also requires less energy and oil to produce, making it gentler on both clothing and the earth.


Offered in two scents—fresh air and peony—or a fragrance-free option, Method detergent sells online in a large ($15) or small ($8) bottle.