It's no news that the creative studios behind many of the most innovative graphics-based commercials are currently making some of the best short pieces out there, but what's the best way to find them? While I admit I'm the first to laugh at a sneezing panda, youTube just isn't doing it for me anymore, especially now that I've discovered Motionographer. Designed to be a source of inspiration for filmmakers, animators, and designers, Motionographer seeks to showcase the premier creative media in the world. Whether commercials or reels, interviews or films, the site is the best compilation of innovative video work on the internet. Here are a couple of my favorites. (I spared you the advertising based works and went for some short, strictly creative pieces.)


Produced by The Mill London and directed by three French dudes known as Bif, "Raymond" (pictured right) is a hilariously stylized science fiction short. Mixing live action, 3D elements, and all sorts of filters and effects, "Raymond" appears like some kind of post-modern top secret infomercial. The sound design is absolutely perfect and adds to the eerie hilarity of the piece. My favorite part is the random dance sequence that suddenly appears to the beat of the experiments. You'll see what I mean.

Chicago-based Eatdrink see an importance in creating work simply for the sake of creating. Their piece titled "The Cat State" (pictured above) takes you through an abstract 3D world of charts and graphs leading into a laboratory and ending on a sliced half-image of a cat. It all happens very quickly but the imagery is beautiful and I particularly like the silhouetted trees. Much of the elements appear to be 2D placed in 3D space, lending a crisp and clean look. For further insight, check out an interview with the creator about the project on Motionographer.