PhotoCannon: Drama-Free Photo Sharing


Download, view, resize, attach, upload, wait, then receive message the file is too large. While taking photos is fun, sharing them often isn't. Until today that is, with the launch of PhotoCannon, whose sole mission is to deliver photos at jaw-dropping speed.

For just $5 you can upload 100 photos—an entire folder at a time—and send them to up to 10 people. It's as easy as inserting your email address and theirs, selecting your photos, and waiting about three minutes. If you don't have a lot of friends or just need to quickly send image to someone, sending five pictures or less to five people or less is free.

While Facebook and other photo-sharing methods like Flickr are also gratis, getting all the pictures onto your machine at once is a hassle if you're on the receiving end. Downloading the 50 pics your friend took at the party one at a time is a time-consuming and painful process none of us want to endure.


Because PhotoCannon is an application, you can rest assure that your photos are secure and aren't being passed around without your knowledge. They simply go from your computer to someone else's without being posted on the sometimes-creepy internet. The other hassle that's been eliminated is getting the pictures from someone who has sent them to you. Because PhotoCannon doesn't require you to sign up for anything, there are no membership issues or spam mail to ignore. Just enter the password that's included in the email and download the photos waiting for you. With PhotoCannon, all of the drama stays in your photos.