Re-Shirt is an Austrian-based company that resells second-hand t-shirts. What sets them apart from other online boutiques is that every shirt comes with a personal story. Owners submit the unique history pertinent to the garment they donate—often the circumstances behind buying it, or a memorable event while wearing it. The Re-Shirt philosophy is rooted in the question, "Do products last longer if you know their history?" The idea seems promising. Like a table made with reclaimed wood from some distant castle, a story can equate to desirability.


Once a shirt goes through the system, it's marked with a Re-Shirt code. Stories can be added onto the shirt's history, perhaps increasing its value. Stories range from "It was too big for me," to more endearing tales like Anne, who hand-washed her shirt for three days while vacationing in Brazil. While an admirable effort to help the environment, this is also a great example of how one's sentimental value can become actual currency.