The new book Retro-Electro is a primer to the slew of outmoded devices left in the wake of tech’s breakneck progress over the last four decades. With photos, brief descriptions, history, and pricing info, it’s as much for the obsessed collector as for those who just want a trip down memory lane. In the same way that Taschen’s The Computer, is like paging through a high school yearbook, Retro-Electro testifies to the way our daily experience with technology makes for chummy relationships to our gadgets. From design icons like the MoMA-exhibited 1972 Sinclair Executive calculator to Game Boy's evolution into a flip version, examples point to the positive feedback loop between design and living; technology’s role magnifies the elements of good vs. bad design like few other products.

Due from Rizzoli later this month, you can pre-order from Amazon.

Photo Credits (from L-R): Science & Society; Ericsson Archive; Computer Museum Tonh