Shure’s New Packaging


We all dislike the over-sized, plastic, clam packaging that comes with electronic products. Not because it makes it harder to steal, but because it seems like a waste of materials and, at times, they are difficult to open. Shure identified this problem and asked Combined Technologies to create a new type of packaging for the Shure Music Phone Adapter. The goal was to reduce the amount of material used for the package while maintaining an anti-theft design.

The result is a smaller package that reduces the amount of plastic used without compromising surface area for product presentation. By utilizing Blisterguard, a new pilfer-proof board stock that is very difficult to tear, they were able to design a fold-over, heat-sealed blister card containing a much smaller clam of plastic. It's nice to know that they are thinking about and willing to invest in these smaller details, but then again, we've come to expect this from Shure. Now if they could just do something about making these packages easier to open.