Max Sprecher Straight Razor Services and Sales

by Tisha Leung


Max Sprecher's restoration services for modern and antique straight razors is a reminder of how some design is so good that never dies. Sprecher sharpens, hones and polishes the blades to look good as new no matter the brand, age or shape. If you want to update your scales (handles), repair damaged ones or get customs made in your choice of exotic woods, synthetics or other materials, Sprecher's is the place to go.

Die-hards from the States, Europe, Japan and Australia entrust theirs to be straight-razor2.jpg

Unlike disposables, these old-school versions are passed to younger generations, not to mention the very active collectibles market. Considering this eco-friendly fact, maybe it's time to consider sparing the landfill of toss-away razors and using just one forever with intermittent tune-ups. Find antique straight razors from the 1800s and vintage from the 1900s available for purchase on Sprecher’s website starting at about $90.