Tâke Personal Pocket Safe


One problem that comes with the internet's high level of data fluidity is how to keep your most private information private. Black Box Innovations attempts to ameliorate the issue with the Tâke Personal Pocket Safe. What appears to be an average flash drive is loaded with unique software to help organize all of your personal records. It includes fields for everything from your credit card information to passport numbers. You can attach additional documents, photos and videos as well. The drive has one gig of flash memory and after you've updated information, you can eject the unit without any remnants remaining on the computer.


The unit secures its data in a number of ways. It uses a military grade 256-bit AES encryption system and content is automatically destroyed when it detects forced access to the memory chip. It also has a datalock PIN-pad that is programmable between three and ten digits and locks out intruders after three incorrect PIN attempts.

Black Box is currently offering the Personal Pocket Safe for $50 online, and they expect to expand to national retailers soon.