Julie Odell: Caterpillar

Beginning as an exquisitely textured folk track, “Caterpillar” from New Orleans-based singer-songwriter Julie Odell, undergoes metamorphic tonal and tempo changes. Odell’s vocals infuse a distinct beauty into the single,  which is her first release since signing to Frenchkiss Records. “‘Caterpillar’ is about the transformative courage it takes to step into the unknown,” Odell says. “It’s about life’s inevitable change and the change that we choose. …

néomí: not good enough

From Surinamese-Dutch singer-songwriter néomí (aka Neomi Speelman) comes “not good enough,” the fourth single from the folk-pop artist’s forthcoming debut EP, before (out 24 June). The thoughtfully empowering track pairs warm vocals with introspective lyrics. Altogether, it’s a moving composition that stokes the flames of anticipation surrounding the EP.

Obongjayar feat. Nubya Garcia: Wrong For It

Calabar, Nigeria-born, London-based artist Obongjayar has just released his debut album, Some Nights I Dream of Doors, and from it comes “Wrong For It” featuring jazz musician Nubya Garcia. The track incorporates synth-pop, hip-hop, jazz, electronic and West African influences, creating a genre-defying amalgam. His layered vocals, whistles, horns, synths and soft percussion combine to create a laidback but vibrant energy.