Phoebe Bridgers: Friday I’m in Love (The Cure Cover)

Covering a classic like The Cure’s early-’90s jam “Friday, I’m in Love” is a brave move, but Phoebe Bridgers has recorded a stunning version at Spotify Studios this week. The pared-down, piano-accompanied, melancholy iteration is immediately different than the original, but might actually be closer to the British band’s intention for the song. (The 1992 release is an upbeat bop that’s faster and a quarter-tone higher …

Art Of Tones: Have Fun For a Little

From their recently released LP Unbalanced, “Have Fun For a Little” by Art Of Tones (aka Ludovic Llorca) is an uplifting track made for the dance floor. Blending deep house, disco and funk, the French artist has crafted an infectious bop—complete with glossy production. Sparkly and warm, it’s a very satisfying tune.

Jacob Collier feat. Laura Mvula: Ocean Wide, Canyon Deep

“Ocean Wide, Canyon Deep” is a sprawling tune conducted by Jules Buckley and performed by Jacob Collier, Laura Mvula and the Metropole Orkest. With its vast harmonies, the whimsical song transcends traditional constraints and is more of a soundscape. The single, from Collier’s forthcoming album Djesse (Vol 1.), highlights his talents as an instrumentalist and vocalist with incredible potential.