Cults: I Can Hardly Make You Mine

The music we tweeted this week and the debut of our weekly #PrivateJam

Cults’ glockenspiel-heavy track “Go Outside” landed the NYC-based band on every summer mixtape when it was released in 2011. And while the glimmering sound of bells is present in “I Can Hardly Make You Mine”—the freshly released track off their forthcoming sophomore album Static—it’s clear they’ve moved beyond Brooklyn rooftop soirées to a slightly more aggressive, mature sound, undoubtedly influenced by Static co-producers Shane Stoneback …

Los Zafiros: Un Nombre De Mujer

The music we tweeted this week and the debut of our weekly #PrivateJam

Cuban doo-wop: Who knew! Apparently a lot of people. But for those who, like us, aren’t familiar with Los Zafiros—a band from the ’60s often compared with the Beatles in regards to timing and fame—have a listen to “Un Nombre De Mujer” and relish in its Latin-infused rhythmic blues. To dig deeper, check out “Music from the Edge of Time,” the 2004 documentary about the …

Anna Rose: Los Angeles

Superhumanoids mesmerize, Bill Callahan's dub fantasy and more in the music we tweeted this week

Anna Rose doesn’t want her name to fool you. She’s no girl-and-a-guitar singer/songwriter. “Los Angeles,” a track from her just-released album Behold a Pale Horse, packs a strong punch. A diatribe against the City of Angels’ shallow side, the song’s raucous guitar work riffs off Rose’s belting vocals. Rose’s roots are firmly planted in rock, but her delivery is far more than a mere revival.