Jed Nayef: Freaks

Kendrick Lamar's remix, Sunshine Reggae, Jason Molina and more in our weekly music recap

The Guardian’s music aficionado Paul Lester made a bold move in comparing rising NYC star Jed Nayef to that of the man on everyone’s lip right now (and always), the legendary David Bowie. There may be some semblance of sound, but more likely what the two have in common is their ability to channel eccentricity into a ubiquitous aspiration. In “Freaks,” Nayef tenderly talks about …

J.J. Cale: Sensitive Kind

From "Sunrise" to "Pi," our recap of the songs we Tweeted last week

Our friends at Amateurism eased us into the week with a classic from the legendary musician J.J. Cale. “Sensitive Kind” highlights Cale’s distinct vocal stylings and visceral approach to writing, which everyone from Johnny Cash to Eric Clapton came to admire and cover. Off of his 1979 album Five, “Sensitive Kind” is a timeless hit.

The Purist + Danny Brown: Jealousy

From "Sunrise" to "Pi," our recap of the songs we Tweeted last week

British producer The Purist teamed up with Motor City rapper Danny Brown last January for the Biggie-backed track “Jealousy,” and now they return with the video. With surreal digital landscapes and a cosmic mash-up of visuals, Brown sums it up best by stating on Twitter that the video makes him want to “watch that shit off shrooms.”