The Latest from Japanese Outdoor Brand, Goldwin

The Toyama brand pushes their streamlined innovation further and also opens a NYC pop-up

Founded in Oyabe City in Toyama Prefecture, Goldwin has been producing sporting goods since the late 1950s. During their second decade on the market, the brand applied new knitting technologies to their apparel, creating highly functional ski wear that was immediately recognizable thanks to the colorful, geometric patterns. Essentially, Goldwin evolved their apparel as skis (and the sport itself) also developed, and in 1987 they …

Hiking Gear for Summer Getaways

For outdoor adventures in the warmer months, apparel and boots for all genders

Now more than ever, a little respite in the great outdoors feels paramount, and hiking to camp under the stars is a wonderful way to find solace and space. Rookies may be surprised by how cold the woods can be at night even in summer or how quickly a trip can turn dismal when you’re wet and can’t seem to get dry. With the technological …

Regular Chino Pants


Crafted from 100% cotton, but washed for softness, Japanese outdoor brand Goldwin’s regular chino pants combine a classic silhouette with contemporary and utilitarian touches. Back pockets curve with the wearer’s hips, a gusseted crotch increases mobility and hidden zippered pockets keep your things separated. Despite the name, they’re more functional than traditional chinos. Available in olive green, navy or beige; from size small to XL.