Mama Rabbit Arrives on the Las Vegas Strip

The largest collection of mezcal and tequila in Vegas is at Bricia Lopez's new spot

Luxury Action’s Pop-Up Hotel at the North Pole

Ten heated glass-dome igloos, each with an en-suite toilet, will comprise travel operator Luxury Action’s pop-up hotel in the North Pole next year. It will be stationed in the center of the frozen Arctic Ocean during April (a one-month window is all that’s safe for helicopter travel), and a one-night stay comes complete with a chef, Arctic wilderness guide, on-site camp manager, and security team. …

Tennis Racket Backpack


Made in the USA, KILLSPENCER’s ultra-luxe tennis bag has room for a racket and—in the detachable pouch—three cans of balls. The exterior is made from a soft, quilted full-grain leather, while the interior is foam-lined to protect your racket. The straps are also padded to ensure comfort while commuting. The quilted leather is akin to a luxury handbag, and the overall look is opulently high-end.


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SeaBubbles’ Flying Water Taxis Open For Public Trials in Paris

After successful tests in Lake Geneva and along the River Seine in Paris circa 2018, SeaBubbles’ Hydroptère “flying” water-taxi now opens for public trials until 20 September. Designed by aeronautical engineers, the four-person vehicle—which lifts a few meters into the air when moving—aims to reduce congestion on streets and provide a low-impact travel alternative. It’s powered by two electrically driven propellers—and batteries are recharged through …

NASA-Built Autonomous Drone Set to Rove Titan

A mission to send a nuclear-powered, autonomously-operating drone to one of Saturn’s moons will commence in 2026—and the craft, nicknamed Dragonfly, will arrive in Titan’s atmosphere in 2034. Then, the sedan-sized probe will investigate the lower-gravity surface’s dunes, mountains, rivers, and lakes—and report back instantly (though a transmission takes almost two hours from Titan to Earth). Another one of Dragonfly’s tasks will be to create …

Paul Cocksedge’s Wooden Wave Pavilion at the 2019 London Design Festival

Now in its seventeenth year, the London Design Festival again celebrates imaginative work by a global roster of artists, architects and designers citywide. Commissioned by Broadgate, Paul Cocksedge’s large-scale pavilion, called “Please Be Seated,” makes this year’s highlights list. The designer employed scaffolding planks in this collaboration with ARUP and high-end interiors company, White & White. Each undulation can be used as an archway or …

Continental US’ Most Isolated Tribe Gets Internet

The ultra-remote Havasupai reservation, which sits at the floor of the Grand Canyon, remains inaccessible to cars, trains and, until now, broadband internet. Thanks to Oakland-based non-profit MuralNet, seven Havasupai families from the 450-member tribe can finally use cell phones and connect to the web. With help from Flagstaff-based Niles Radio, MuralNet installed “microwave hops” at the rim of the canyon that transmit signals down …

Sonoma’s Reimagined MacArthur Place Hotel & Spa

A century and a half after it was built, the destination has been completely transformed by a $25 million renovation

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R + R Cream


Made with 750mg broad spectrum hemp CBD and essential oils, Prima’s R + R Cream offers sore muscles some relief. With menthol, peppermint and tea tree providing tingling and cooling sensations, rosemary acts as an anti-inflammatory and other ingredients promote relaxation, and blood flow. The pleasantly scented lotion is made in California and tested in a third-party ISO/IEC-accredited and ORELAP-certified facility—meaning you’re guaranteed a high-quality …


WAVE Meditation Kit


Conceptualized by the team behind Y7, WAVE aims to make meditation more accessible. The WAVE Kit comes with a bolster (essentially a body pillow), headphones, a stand and a 30-day free trial of their streaming service—it’s $9.99 a month after the trial period ends. Original songs, voiceover tracks and ambient noise comprise the library and each lasts no longer than 15 minutes. Simply queue up …


In Search Of… Deluxe 4LP


Available for pre-order now, a special four-vinyl edition of N*E*R*D’s seminal debut record In Search Of… features the US “rock version” and the European “electronic version”—each in their own two-LP gate-fold jacket. The 2001 album saw N*E*R*D (at the time Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo and Shay Haley) catapult to international acclaim, thanks to their melding of countless genres (from funk to rock, hip-hop and beyond) …


Reversible Glass Vase


Available in three color combinations (pink/smoky blue, green/blue or red/blue), this reversible glass vase—designed by Tara Ashe—is both versatile and pretty. Flip it over depending on the size of your posy, or even display it empty. Standing at nine inches tall, the vase looks great as a set or on its own, and the bold hues add a splash of color to your bedroom, bathroom …


Okay Kaya: Ascend And Try Again

Set to appear on Norwegian-born, NYC-based Okay Kaya’s next album (which is due out next year) “Ascend And Try Again” combines multiple genres, melding them together with haunting songwriting. The track itself literally describes the artist’s attempt to becoming scuba-certified for a role in a Swedish film—she was prone to ear infections and had to bow out—but it also stands in as a meditative guide …

Danny Brown: Best Life

Backed by a rich bassline and a select few samples, Danny Brown’s “Best Life” combines the artist’s charismatic cadence with Q-Tip’s illustrious production. It’s certainly jazz influenced but it also harkens back to the golden era of hip-hop—and Brown (aka Daniel Dewan Sewell) does far more than hold his own. “Best Life” will appear on his forthcoming album uknowhatimsayin¿, out on 4 October via WARP.

Premiere: “The Stain” by TR/ST

A track that underlines a new direction for Robert Alfons

At first listen, the “The Stain” is exactly as TR/ST’s Robert Alfons explains it to us: “a trepidatious push through murky waters, searching for shore.” The dark-wave track, premiering here, emits an eerie, emotional fog—and Alfons’ captivating voice acts as the guiding light through it all. Repeat listens, however, reveal many of the acclaimed artist’s greatest strengths. The atmosphere he constructs is addictive. His vocals …

Inspiration Aplenty at Gather Festival, Stockholm

Insightful talks and workshops at the intersection of tech, art, science and humanity

Non-Binary Version of “They” Added to the Dictionary

In a significant step toward inclusivity, and another reminder of how powerful words are, Merriam-Webster has added the non-binary “them” to their dictionary. While accepting that the singular “they” has actually been in use for centuries (since the late 1300s, in fact), by adding it as a non-binary pronoun Merriam-Webster reinforces a more recent and remarkably important development. As Dennis Baron, professor emeritus of English …

The Delirians, Katzù Oso, É Arenas, Mariachi Lindas Mexicanas + Ulises Lozano: Los Ángeles Lindo Y Querido

Several Mexican-American musicians unite for “Los Ángeles Lindo Y Querido,” a three-track EP—and mashup compilation, produced by Ulises Lozano— that celebrates bicultural identity. Commissioned by Tecate, the collaborative project draws attention to Mexican-Americans’ influence on the culture of Los Angeles, and pride over Mexican roots and Mexican Independence Day. The mashup’s diverse sonic spectrum reflects many genres, but all of them toast to the same …

Eddie Money: Baby Hold On

Singer/songwriter Eddie Money (born Edward Mahoney) has died aged 70 years old. After initially aspiring to be a police officer, Brooklyn-born Money moved to California in the late ’60s, took on his stage name and became a regular fixture performing in the Bay Area. Money is perhaps best known for 1986’s “Take Me Home Tonight” (a duet with Ronnie Spector) and “Two Tickets to Paradise” …

Interview: Discommon Founder Neil Ferrier

Insight from the industrial designer and "Chief Conspirator"

Asystem Provides Structure for Your Wellness Routine

The subscription-based set of supplements and skincare seeks to eliminate difficult decision-making and maximize performance

Assembling a standard routine for yourself can be difficult if overall health is the goal. People often seek out supplements, wellness and skincare products from a panoply of brands and sometimes that amalgamation feels disjointed and far from something anyone could maintain consistently. Asystem, knowing this, wants to make “betterment”—a term they define as “feeling your best so you can give your best”—simpler by consolidating …

Photo Essay: Harvest in Champagne, France with Bollinger

The 10 day-long task draws 100,000+ workers to the typically quaint region

COOL HUNTING VIDEO: Bonton Farms is Reviving a South Dallas Community

An agricultural center that enriches the lives of so many people

Devoción’s Cascara Bar Makes Use of the Coffee Fruit

From four pourable beverages to ice cream and a float, the offerings deviate from coffee shop mainstays