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Fossilized worm brains, cranberry packaging, the wet history of Mars and more inspiration from nature

The Potential of Dissolvable Cranberry Film

Since 2008, Yanyun Zhao—a professor of food science at Oregon State University—has been researching the potential of the humble cranberry. Even when juiced, the crushed berry maintains a fibrous substance that Zhao turned into a film that’s “edible, no-waste, anti-microbial and water-soluble,” and could replace plastic in many cases. “When you’re making this film,” Zhao says, “You need stretch, you need elasticity, you need a …

Deluxe Zebra Garden


From Lula’s Garden—a succulent shop that supports and its mission to make clean water accessible for all—comes the Deluxe Zebra Garden, a striking and striped Haworthia succulent arrangement, grown at family-owned nurseries. Each purchase of these plants provides six months of safe drinking water to someone in need.


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New Research Supports the Idea that There Was Once Life on Mars

A recent study from the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters presents new speculation about the early evolution of Mars. By developing a new model of the Martian atmosphere through time, researchers found that Mars—in contrast to the frozen desert it is now—was born with lots of water and a dense atmosphere that could have harbored warm-to-hot oceans for millions of years. This discovery likens …

Jellyfish Relative Could Improve the Design of Swimming Robots

The Nanomia bijug is a gelatinous marine animal related to jellyfish that uses a dozen or more independent jets to swim. This design enables two swimming styles: one that syncs all of the jets up for increased speed and another that powers jets individually to save energy. The dual-swimming capabilities—which are exclusive to the Nanomia‘s siphonophores taxa as well as barrel-shaped salps—could inform and improve underwater …

World’s Oldest Fossilized Brain Discovered

A 525-million-year-old fossil of an extinct worm-like animal known as the Cardiodictyon catenulum was first discovered in China in 1984, but only recently have scientists found that the barely half-an-inch animal has a brain. Using a technique called “chromatic filtering,” scientists were able to reveal the animal’s nervous system and brain in an unsegmented head. Not only is this finding extremely out of the ordinary—as …

Indigenous Restaurants in Seattle Work to Decolonize Dining

On 29 November, the Indigenous-owned restaurant ʔálʔal Cafe will open in Seattle, joining other Native-owned eateries in the city like the pop-up Native Soul and acclaimed food truck Off the Rez. The new business—which will highlight Indigenous cuisine as well as art—continues the burgeoning movement in Seattle to empower the Native community and educate about their history in the city. Despite being named after Chief …

Miami Art Week 2022: Artist Mattia Casalegno’s “Aerobanquets RMX” at Superblue

A first-of-its-kind culinary experience served within a mixed-reality world


The latest additions to our shoppable directory

Intense Replenishing Serum


The gloriously rich Intense Replenishing Serum by Dr Loretta feels luxurious upon application and for hours afterward. The scentless potion nourishes, plumps and smooths skin, leaving it feeling fresh and supple. The hydrating, dermatologist-formulated serum helps to protect skin against pollution and wild weather without feeling heavy or greasy.


Brooklyn Tote


West Brooklyn Waterfront Mutual Aid and Gowanus Mutual Aid partnered with GrowNYC to create a community-supported agriculture program that provides fresh produce to those in Brooklyn who need it. This tote, featuring a logo of the borough designed by Brooklyn-based artist Jessie Smith, supports the initiative, with each purchase funding one week of food for a family.


Immune Revival


Founded by Dr Sarah Rahal MD, ARMRA uses proprietary technology to distill colostrum—the first milk that humans and mammals produce during pregnancy which contains all the essential nutrients needed for infants to thrive—into a bioavailable form: Immune Revival. Using colostrum from grass-fed cows raised in family-owned farms in the US, the potent concentrate (available in blood orange or with no added flavoring) packs over 200 …


Pipe Party Workshop


Pipe Party is LA’s first pipe-making workshop from inclusive ceramic studio POT. Open to all skill levels, the class features step-by-step instructions on making and decorating pipes and all the necessary accomanying instruments. It’s a fun, creative way to celebrate cannabis—with the class being BYOB as well as BYOC.


Fleetwood Mac: Everywhere

A singer-songwriter, musician and creative force behind Fleetwood Mac, Christine McVie has passed away at 79 years old. Born Christine Perfect, she was part of British blues-rock group Chicken Shack before marrying Fleetwood Mac’s John McVie and joining the band in 1970. She wrote some of the legendary band’s most beloved songs, including “Don’t Stop,” “You Make Loving Fun,” “Hold Me,” and “Little Lies.” Their …

pause: 怠​け​者

Japanese slowcore band pauses share their first single, “怠​け​者,” a pretty, melancholy song whose name translates to “lazy” in English. It begins with intimate vocals with a gentleness that’s punctuated by pulsating drums and atmospheric guitar. Toward the end of the near four-minute track, the soundscape expands and envelops, incorporating transcendent synths and a resonant guitar progression.

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Watches of Switzerland’s Limited Edition Speake-Marin One & Two Collaboration

Two bold new colorways released with only 10 watches each

Presented in partnership with Watches of Switzerland + Speake-Marin

From pioneering, independent Swiss watch brand Speake-Marin comes an ultra-exclusive collaboration with acclaimed international retailer Watches of Switzerland. Released in two versions, the Watches of Switzerland Edition One & Two features two bright, bold colorways and glowing lume introduced to the brand’s beloved and deeply expressive dual-time wristwatch. These statement-making timepieces feature an openworked dial design set within Speake-Marin’s signature 42mm Piccadilly case and Big Ben-inspired, …

NASA Taps ICON to Develop Habitats in Space

A $57.2 million contract moves the needle toward living on the moon and Mars

The dream of settling on the moon is beginning to look more feasible. At the forefront of this development is NASA who has recently awarded a $52.7 million contract to the Austin, Texas-based startup ICON to create a lunar construction system for longterm human presence on the moon and Mars. The contract is a continuation of ICON’s Project Olympus, a program (also partly funded by …

Miami Art Week 2022: Beyond the Art Fairs

Local art institutions, pop-ups and large-scale sculptural works throughout the city

Kristin Worrall Crafts Sculptural Art from Gelatin Desserts in “Take Comfort”

A new exhibit in Connecticut's Standard Space blends food, art, performance and nostalgia

mui zyu: Rotten Bun

From Eva Liu’s debut album under the moniker mui zyu, Rotten Bun For An Eggless Century, comes the track “Rotten Bun,” which follows “Ghost With a Peach Skin” earlier this month. Liu (the vocalist for Dama Scout) says of the gorgeous, expansive ballad, “‘Rotten Bun’ brings us into the fantasy world where the record is set. Me, you, us, we, ‘the protagonist’ takes in their …

Sophie Faith: Pinky Blues

London-based singer-songwriter Sophie Faith shares her five-track EP The Right Side of Wrong, and from it comes the smooth, jazzy “Pinky Blues.” Across a warm bass track, unhurried, blues-leaning percussion and intermittent guitar riffs, Faith’s soulful, silky vocal runs tackle self-preservation within relationships with palpable, candid emotion.

For The Birds: 20LP Box Set


Music supervisor Randall Poster’s labor of love in support of bird conservations efforts by the National Audubon Society, The Birdsong Project is comprised of 242 original music tracks and bird-related poetry recordings by many of the world’s most beloved artists. Available to enjoy on all streaming platforms, the entire compilation has also been assembled into a limited edition, 20-LP box set that comes with Warby …


Miami Art Week 2022: Andrés Reisinger’s Experiential “Sphere” at Design Miami for Audi

Inspired by the Grandsphere concept car, this digital installation imagines a new way to travel

French Bulldog Silk Sleep Mask


Sustainable luxury sleepwear brand LILYSILK crafts sleep masks from 100% Grade 6A Mulberry silk, a skin-friendly and breathable fabric with 18 helpful amino acids. It comes from Mulberry trees—which require less water to grow and are thus considered more environmentally friendly. With a French Bulldog shape (available in pink, white or purple), the mask is playful and decadent.