Ford’s Driverless Car Fleet to Launch in Washington DC

Starting next year, Ford will test a fleet of self-driving cars throughout Washington DC. This comes before launching a full, commercial autonomous-driving program in the city (and others) come 2021. Many developers of similar programs are vying for cities of their own—Uber in Pittsburgh and Google’s Waymo in Phoenix. Regulation over self-driving vehicles is quite loose right now, and it will be interesting to chart …

Post-Shave Mist


Heavy creams and balms, though effective, can leave your face feeling clogged and sticky post-shave. Harry’s post-shave mist is made from aloe, seaweed and Thai basil, and gently coats without smothering. Its extra-fine consistency immediately cools, refreshes and hydrates skin.


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Thousands of Swedes Opt for Microchips Under Their Skin

For $180 it’s possible to get a microchip, roughly the size of a grain of rice, inserted between one’s thumb and forefinger. In fact, about 4,000 Swedes have done this so far, with a company like Biohax International or its competitors. Designed to “speed up users’ daily routines and make their lives more convenient—accessing their homes, offices and gyms is as easy as swiping their …

Leonardo da Vinci’s Ultra-Rare Eye Condition

According to new research, Leonardo da Vinci’s ability to understand distance and depth is the result of an ultra-rare eye condition known as exotropia. This condition turns one pupil outward, limiting the traditional understanding of depth when looking at things—which essentially would have turned the world around da Vinci into a flat canvas. This unique perspective, the new study claims, made it easier for the …

Revolutionary Self-Lubricating Condoms

Other than gimmicky changes like colors, textures and flavors, condoms have remained relatively the same over the past 50 years—Lelo‘s efforts at a structural overhaul with HEX aside. However, a new self-lubricating condom, designed as part of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s competition, might just revolutionize the industry. Created to encourage safer sex, this condom remains lubricated for “1,000 cycles (scientific speak for thrusts), which …

The Man Behind Modern Ghost Stories

Born in 1862, Montague Rhodes James was an acclaimed intellectual who published a handful of stories (from short quips to long, academic papers) that are widely regarded as the basis upon which modern ghost stories are built. Not entirely for the narratives, but rather the topics: his stories are unpredictable and based on haunted objects, unfamiliar beings and odd circumstances. Cynthia Zarin, of The New …

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Pyer Moss Archive Flag Badge Long-Sleeve Polo


Pyer Moss founder and designer Kerby Jean-Raymond impressed many with the debut of his first collection for Reebok earlier this year. Known as “American, Also,” the line—which draws inspiration from the story of 19th century black cowboys—is now available. With the embroidered “Flag Badge” on the front, Jean-Raymond alludes to this western theme. With the snap-closures on the wrists and the refined, streetwear cut, he demonstrates …


El Catire Domino Set


The El Catire set from Luxe Dominoes is a sophisticated collection of crisp, black and white dominoes with a dark green-tinted rack. They’re designed to be played and displayed, and it’s evident in the intricate details of each domino (including gold adornment), as well as their case. Invite over an opponent and pull this off the shelf, not out of the junk drawer.


Peppermint Charcoal Soap


When lathered in Oar + Alps’ Peppermint Charcoal Soap, one feels both clean and refreshed. This is thanks to their 100% natural, proprietary peppermint fragrance, as well as Witch Hazel and organic, fair trade Shea Butter. Activated charcoal pairs with spirulina for a deep cleanliness and the removal of dead skin cells, too. Made in the US, the soap also happens to be paraben-, phthalate-, …


Shinola Apple Watch Strap


Shinola, in collaboration with Detroit-based artist Eric Lowry, has released a line of hand-stitched and hand-painted Apple Watch compatible bands. The high-quality leather is painted over by Lowry, giving the classic strap a more modern look—one that matches the high-tech watch it’s attached to. This one in particular is a black leather band with brown and gold art deco adornments and space gray (brushed gunmetal …


Toro y Moi: Freelance

From his forthcoming album Outer Peace (out 18 January on Carpark Records), Toro y Moi‘s “Freelance” is a g-funk-inflected tune that’s a bit surprising from the artist—considering his previous chillwave offerings. Toro y Moi (aka Chaz Bear) delights listeners with this layered, synth-heavy bop. Funky and playful, the song was apparently written as a response to Bear’s return to the Bay Area after living in Portland. Ahead …

Beirut: Gallipoli

Truly an amalgamation of sound and style, “Gallipoli” announces Beirut’s return—and an album of the same name. With brass instruments that beg for a parade of celebratory footfall and percussion that creates nostalgia for something lost, the track (like much Beirut music) is bound to no time or place. Beirut’s Zach Condon wrote the entire song in one session, in rural Italy. It certainly stirs …

DABSMYLA’s “Things That Can’t Be Seen” Exhibition, LA

A colorful, fantastical study across paintings, prints and ceramics

For husband-and-wife art duo DABSMYLA’s latest show, the pair has transformed a corner of Los Angeles into a vibrant, playful wonderland. Curated by Beyond The Streets founder Roger Gastman, the show—titled Things That Can’t Be Seen—combines bright, cartoonish floral studies with imagined scenes that ruminate on creative life. The 20+ large-scale works evolve their characters and world from the fantastical, grounding them in a potentially plausible world where …

Monster Energy Cup Supercross Series

A Las Vegas event like no other

Anything but a “regular” supercross race, this year’s three-event Monster Energy Cup (now in its seventh year) was different for a few reasons. Not only was the prize money absurd ($250,000 with an additional $1 million for a triple-win), but there was a chance for a fan to win the same amount. Prior to the Las Vegas event, a sweepstakes was held with 10 winners from around …

Made From Vantablack and Meteorite: LUCY by Ore

One ring connected to the cosmos

Made with Vantablack (the pigment so dark, it traps 99.96% of incoming light), meteorite and gold-plated microcircuitry, LUCY is much more than any other super-polished, sphere-shaped ring. Each ring is connected to its wearer’s own white dwarf star and vibrates when that star reaches its zenith. The “magical ceremony” (happening multiple times a week) encourages the wearer to pause, center and reconnect with the space around them. …

Troye Sivan + Jónsi: Revelation

From the upcoming film Boy Erased, comes “Revelation” by Troye Sivan and Jónsi. A minimal and gentle ballad, the song blends the two familiar talents seamlessly and the result is hypnotic and powerful. Between its lofty strings, minimal piano, and Sivan’s pared-back vocals, the song ebbs and flows ethereally. Sivan also appears in the film (out in November) about a young man sent by his pastor …

Alfie Templeman: Like an Animal

Its chemistry doesn’t just come from the fact that UK teen Alfie Templeman plays every instrument on “Like an Animal” (and all the other tracks on his just released, debut EP of the same name); it’s that the singer’s voice carries such soul. Templeman assembled the EP in his bedroom amidst school and a job in construction. There’s an honesty to its presentation—and the wisdom …

Hedley & Bennett SK8-Hi Reissue UC


A recent installment in the Vans “Made for the Makers” series, these monochromatic navy blue Sk8-Hi sneakers were produced in collaboration with CH favorite Hedley & Bennett—apron and kitchen apparel brand of the future. Design and function-oriented details pop everywhere, from the rainbow-colored Vulcanized lugged outsoles to the Vansguard canvas uppers and comfort-yielding UltraCush H&B ampersand sockliners. Fans of both brands will find something to love …