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New York Public Library + Gothamist’s Love Letter to NYC

Online publication Gothamist is collaborating with the New York Public Library for a love letter to NYC and now requests contributions from those who inhabit the city. “The heart and soul of the city has always been the New Yorkers who populate it,” writes Jen Carlson, “And this year, as some publications focused on those fleeing the city, we spoke to New Yorkers who stayed.” …

Hot Pepper Sauce


Made from fresh hot chili peppers, onions, ginger, lemon juice, horseradish, turmeric, mustard and apple cider vinegar, Shaquanda’s Hot Pepper Sauce first made its appearance at queer party Bushwig in 2013. When asked to perform as Shaquanda (the drag persona of Andre Springer), Springer said she would oblige if food could be part of the show. After her performance, Shaquanda handed out samples to the …


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Melbourne, Australia’s Forthcoming NGV Contemporary Gallery

Melbourne’s NGV Contemporary, which is set to stretch 30,000 square meters, will be Australia’s largest contemporary art and design museum. The initiative will be funded by the Victorian Government and designed and built by an Australian team. Connected to the existing NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) via new and renewed green space, the vast gallery—which was first proposed in 2018—will be located near the Yarra …

The Invisible Collection, Duvelleroy + José Lévy’s Fans For HeART Charity Auction

Parisian handheld fan atelier Duvelleroy and artist José Lévy have partnered with The Invisible Collection on the Fans For HeART charity auction to benefit La Fondation des Artistes, a French non-profit that supports artists. The auction, running now through 30 November, features 37 color-forward fans, designed by the likes of Isabel Marant, Pierre Yovanovitch, John Derian, Yinka Ilori, Campbell Rey and more. See all the …

adidas CONFIRMED + DRx Romanelli’s Upcycled Furniture

adidas CONFIRMED collaborated with multi-dimensional brand DRx Romanelli (aka Darren Romanelli) on 10 pieces of furniture that have been crafted using vintage adidas garments. Also made using sustainable filling, the pieces (eight custom chairs and two loveseats) follow the DRx Romanelli manifesto, reimagining and reconstructing items into new forms with new functions. Not only are the pieces striking to look at, adidas CONFIRMED and DRx …

OMA’s Underwater Sculpture Park in Miami

Stretching out seven miles along the Miami coast, ReefLine will welcome local marine life and aquatic tourists starting in December 2021. It will be composed of stacked concrete modular units that align with the seabed, along with a series of art installations. OMA’s Shohei Shigematsu led the architectural development of the project (and designed the staircase-like sculpture that plays with underwater weightlessness). OMA was joined …

Grand Journal Presents a 25 Day Reading Of Beowulf With an All-Star Cast

From Miz Cracker to Diane Cook to Alan Cumming, bibliophiles bring the newest translation of the epic work to life

Multi-hyphenate writer Maria Dahvana Headley’s latest work is a translation of the 1,000+ year old monster classic Beowulf. Long a fan of Grendel and his mother, she wrote The Mere Wife in 2018, a precursor of sorts to her new translation of the original story, which uses modern day slang (including the word “bro”) to make the work more accessible. Literary magazine Grand Journal is celebrating this …

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99 Cent Store Postcard


Vanessa Lilak’s bold, colorful illustrations span subject matter, but her postcards all depict couples performing sex acts in various public (sometimes humorous) locations—from a foot clinic at a strip mall to the behemoth Scientology Center in Hollywood. A graphic designer at Capitol Records and a freelance artist, Lilak creates playful works, often drenched in irreverence.


The Coat Refresh


One of several products by Rowan, a new company focused on human-grade, all-natural skin care products for dogs, The Coat Refresh is designed to keep your dog’s coat looking and smelling good in between washes. Featuring essential oils, aloe vera and coconut oils with none of the nasty things, both you and your dog will enjoy the results.


Waves Gift Wrap


Luxury gift wrapping brand UNWRP—founded by multi-disciplinary designer Ashley L Fouyolle—often collaborates with artists on limited edition iterations, but their Waves pattern is Fouyolle’s own. Sold in a set of three oversized, premium-weight sheets, the Waves gift wrap combines earth tones and vibrant pinks and blues. Each sheet measures 20 by 28 inches.


Banana-Orange Rash Guard


Composed of a polyester-spandex blend, Hugo Loves Tiki’s youth rash guard—which features a charming pattern of bananas on an orange background—offers UV50 protection. Sizes range from zero to three months, all the way to 12 years old. It’s a playful piece of apparel that protects, too.


Texas + Wu-Tang Clan: Hi

Wu-Tang Clan once again joins forces with iconic Scottish pop band Texas for “Hi,” a track that comes decades after their first collaboration—a remix of the 1997 mega-hit “Say What You Want” and an ensuing 1998 live performance featuring Method Man. RZA and Ghostface Killah appear alongside Texas vocalist Sharleen Spiteri on this enrapturing track—the first new music from both collaborators in three years. Fenn …

Seraphina Simone: Skin

One of two new tracks from London-based musical artist Seraphina Simone, “Skin” tantalizes with soulful vocals and supportive synths. In a statement, Simone says the track is “about sex and desire,” adding that “I think as women we’re often taught to tame our desires, to make them fit into something that is palatable and acceptable for the male gaze or an outdated expectation of how …

Italian Designer Antonio Citterio Explains His 2020 Flexform Collection

Furniture that emphasizes an elegant simplicity, detailed by the Italian designer in a new video

The Carnegie Museum of Art’s “Locally Sourced” Exhibition Spotlights Pittsburgh’s Growing Artisan Industry

Talented, independent designers and makers working in traditional mediums and emerging categories

Lubu Town Winterburg Maxi


Designed in Barcelona and produced in Europe, Lubulona’s wooden toys come together to form little worlds. Each all-natural building block (crafted from high-quality beech wood) has been decorated with non-toxic paint. Their beautiful blue and gray Lubu Town Winterburg Maxi set includes four stackable houses with ladders, two rooftops and two cars with wooden figures. Because of the size of the pieces, this set is …


Cam Chambers: Used To

An upbeat single from New Kensington, Pennsylvania-based R&B singer Cam Chambers’ debut album, Prodigal, “Used To” harkens back to dark nights on the dance floor. Groovy and a bit grimy, each verse offers several commands: to get down (“like we used to”) with steps to follow. The track was produced by Bobby Webster and DanSully, and includes additional instrumental elements from Chambers. The album’s art …

Janko Nilović + The Soul Surfers: PRELUDE

“PRELUDE” serves as the introduction to 80-year-old Turkish pianist Janko Nilović and Russian “raw soul” group The Soul Surfers’ collaborative album, Maze of Sounds, which debuted on 6 November from Broc Recordz. Nilović (a Grammy Award-winning composer credited on Jay-Z’s “DOA,” Dr Dre’s “Loose Cannons” and more) offers cinematic piano, while the four-piece funk group does the rest. The entire album is around 30 minutes, …

Plaid Dog Bed


Covered in JCRT’s digitally printed The Hobbit pattern, Mr. Dog’s classic dog bed comes in three sizes made to accommodate dogs from under 45 pounds to 100+ pounds. A shredded latex foam and cotton rag fill ensures that your pup remains cozy, but isn’t swallowed by the bed. Plus, a durable water-repellant coating protects against saturation and microbial growth. Roping around the edges of the …


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