Skin-Inspired Robotic Enhancements Animate the Inanimate

Developed by Yale’s Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio for NASA, new robotic skins aim to fit around static options and give them form—and movement. The skins are composed of supple elastic sheets and have sensors and actuators embedded throughout. This is a fascinating development that reflects a tangential robotics market, wherein an enhancement—rather than an independent form—is produced. Further, using more than one skin can lead to increasing complex series …

Small Blue Clock


This Workaday hand-built clock—which stands on its own or can be mounted to the wall—features a matte finish and swirling pools of marbled underglaze. The number-less face and the piece’s dreaminess make this a welcome addition to any shelf, art-adorned wall or bedside table. And, since you can’t tell the exact time on this one, only estimate, it’s the perfect way to watch time tick …


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Lyft Launches Open Source Design Tool

Most of the world’s largest companies–and not just the ones in tech–protect their patents, data and design tools at all costs. But as coding and design careers become increasingly coveted in today’s market, more people are interested in mastering–or at least brushing up on–the tools and techniques of the trade. A handful of larger companies have decided to go open source with some of their …

The Truth About Plastic in Our Clothing

Polyester, nylon, acrylic and other synthetic fibers—all plastic byproducts—make up 60% of the materials used in clothing. Even if wearers aren’t tossing their shirts or pants into the ocean when they’re done with them, the plastics in our clothing still make their way there. With each wash, fibers shed from the clothing and are drained through waterways into the ocean. “Think about how many people …

Replicating ’50s Design Inside a Care Center for Alzheimer’s Patients

Featuring 11 storefronts replicating the design of the ’50s, Glenner Town Square in Chula Vista, California isn’t a film set—it’s a care center for dementia patients. From Rosie’s Diner to Alois’ Newsstand, each build-out aims to represent a portion of life during the prime years of patients—activating a type of a reminiscence therapy. Altogether, the goal is to initiate engagement and trigger conversation. The partners—non-profit George G. …

Senate and Public Domain Pros Reach Compromise on Copyright Issues

Content companies (seeking stronger protections and arguably additional profit) and digital rights groups (vouching for access) haven’t been able to find common ground on copyright law for the past decade. Current law protects older songs—in some instances—for up to 140 years. Century-long protections for these songs, in the minds of many, is too long. And, currently a quilted-system of laws covers song copyright from state-to-state. …

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7.8 Necklace


Jen Gotch, founder of, has, admittedly, struggled with mental health issues for most of her life. “I know how challenging it can be both personally and professionally. It’s so important for us to open up a dialogue about how we are feeling and get to a place where we are comfortable asking for and receiving help,” she says. She believes that one way to get …


Welton “Snoopy” Watch


The sunburst silver-tone dial and stainless steel case of the latest Timex Welton wristwatch make the perfect backdrop for a charming illustration of Snoopy. The beloved character’s arms—carrying a baseball and bat—double for watch hands. Between the vintage-looking leather strap, reasonable 40mm case size and bright numerals, it’s more than a nod to Peanuts nostalgia; it’s a well-designed but playful timepiece.


Xanadu Candle


Wary Meyers’ Xanadu candle is made for changing seasons. This winter edition fragrance is a blend of anise, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. From wick to packaging, the brand is conscious of their ecological impact. The wicks are 100% cotton, the boxes are made from recycled paper, the casing is made from recycled glass, and the candles are made from a blend of premium food-grade paraffin.


Hemp Leaf Jumper


The Elder Statesman is no stranger to bold patterns and playful motifs. Their 100% cashmere Hemp Leaf Jumper fades from royal blue to white and is adorned with the unmistakable leaf on its chest. This covetable, comfortable item sold out quickly but the luxury brand has set an alert for those interested to sign up for when it’s back in stock.


Brockhampton: Tonya

Brockhampton, a multi-member rap group forged from the chatroom of a Kanye West fan site, just released their major label debut, Iridescence. After dropping a string of album-like mixtapes, this work comes amidst a turning point. Their most outward-facing member was dropped amidst abuse allegations; they signed to RCA Records; they battled with promising to hopeful fans about whether an album on a major label …

Dahlia Sleeps: Storm

Dahlia Sleeps, a London-based four-piece band, shared the first single, “Storm,” off their Love, Lost EP set to be released later this year via Beatnik Creative. The single, anchored by lead singer Lucy Hill’s delicate vocals, sounds like poetry—echoing lines and heavy strings make this one last well beyond its closing notes. “I know I’m not your only one,” she calls, “but I want to be the one …

MB&F Unveils Horological Machine Nº 9 Flow

We return to outer space with the ingenious Swiss watchmakers

MB&F—short for Maximilian Büsser and Friends—is no stranger to combining high-end functionality with playful, yet intricate, design. Their timepieces rest between art and science-fiction, looking more like something that darts across the night sky than something that fits snugly on a wrist or wrests elegantly on a mantle, like the Starfleet Machine table clock which looks like something from the mind of George Lucas. Their just released …

United Nations General Assembly’s “Waynak” Screening + makesense Discussions

For Global Goals Week, dialogue around migration and future climate refugees

Be it striving for sustainable urban development or empowering ocean conversationalists, Global Goals Week accompanies the United Nations General Assembly once a year—and aims to accelerate developmental goals across the planet. This year’s roster of events sees three spearheaded by France-based non-profit makesense—and their centerpiece experience is one to seek out. Vincent Hejduk, co-founder of the non-profit and film producer, will screen his short documentary “Waynak” before a conversation with …

South African Artist Esther Mahlangu Brings Ndebele Art to BMW Once More

The first woman commissioned to create a BMW art car (back in 1991), South African artist Esther Mahlangu, has seen her relationship with BMW reignite once more. The automaker recently tapped Mahlangu for interior paneling that would further employ her colorful motifs—drawn from the Ndebele tradition of message-laden house painting—something she learned from her grandmother. The result is astounding—a joyful punctuation to the vehicle. And as for what’s …

NASA Technology Could End Food Waste

“Hyperspectral imaging”—technology that allows someone to scan foods for imperfections, ripeness and contamination—will drastically cut the amount of waste in the food industry. Because photographs of produce can be used to determine problems, physical probing or complete destruction won’t be necessary. Thus, contaminated, unripe or imperfect foods can be spotted without ruining consumable ones—hopefully cutting back on our waste rate, which is at about 33% …

September Scotch: The Craigellachie Hotel’s Copper Dog

The story behind one iconic HIghland hotel's blended whisky

To traverse the Speyside region, trekking within a portion of the Scotch whisky trail known for light and distilled liquid, means coming upon The Craigellachie Hotel. Within, one will find The Quaich (founded way back in 1893). It’s a bar that possesses one of the most exquisite collections of single malt Scotch whiskies in the world (with more than 900 available)—but blended whisky and, to be honest, just …

Saltwater Coffee’s Flight of Flat Whites

A trio of espresso drinks spanning from classic to sultry to sweet

“Everyone comes in and says, ‘oh, Australian coffee, it must be good,’” Sid Chitnis, co-owner of Saltwater Coffee in NYC’s East Village neighborhood explains. The bright cafe, complete with a smattering of white furniture and large glass windows, has been around a little over a year—and they’ve been producing delicious drinks all the while. “We have this connotation as premium,” Chitnis continues. “It also means people feel compelled to …

Alto Essentials Makes Infused Products for Everyday Use

Chef and co-founder Jonah Reider hopes to bring micro-dosing, and quality ingredients, to the masses

Think of the garnishes used by an elegant chef—they’re concentrated accent marks: edible flowers, foraged greens and herbs, perfect-circle portions of mystifying morsels. More traditional chefs, novice or professional, give dishes a bit of a humbler finish: a couple dashes of EVOO, a few sprinkles of salt or, if it’s something sweet, a dab of honey. The dishes, if they’re a familiar or familial recipe, …

“Call Me By Your Name” Director Tries Interior Design

Call Me By Your Name garnered rave reviews for its acting, directorial qualities and, quite frankly, its completeness. But some of the loveliest moments in the film are anchored by beautiful backdrops and stunning corridors. Director Luca Guadagnino admits that he’d always dreamt of working in interior design—that his sets, with their layered details, were his expression of that dream. Now, he has. “Space is the …

Hobo Johnson and The Lovemakers: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concert Contest entrant Hobo Johnson and The Lovemakers rose to internet stardom with the viral performance of their jubilant, spoken-word-like track “Peach Scone.” The music from the five-piece act, which was selected to be featured on NPR, is both kindhearted and youthful, but no line is lost in any one of their tracks. They weave clever connections between Romeo and Juliet and …