Cosmic Reef, a New Collection of Digitally Native Work by Leo Villareal

Minting his first set of NFTs, the artist is already at home in this medium

How to Step into Sundance 2022’s Festival Village, Main Street and Community Hub Online

Presented online 20-30 January, the 2022 Sundance Film Festival includes an impressive roster of feature films, short films, indie episodic programming, “Beyond Film” performances and a virtual and augmented reality division—all of which is accessible through For those who have come to love the festival or dreamed of attending (for the spirit on the streets of Park City, Utah and the swirl of social …

Awakening Artemis: Deepening Intimacy with the Living Earth and Reclaiming Our Wild Nature


Between chronic asthma, a car accident that fractured her back and neck and sexual trauma, Vanessa Chakour has endured a lot, and tenaciously pursued several paths to recovery. In her book Awakening Artemis, Chakour shares the way plants helped her heal, deepened her understanding of self, connected her to the natural world and elevated her confidence and relationships. Interspersed with experiences from the author, each …


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Difficult-to-Recycle Plastics Comprise this Concrete Block Alternative

The city of Boise, Idaho partnered up with ByFusion—an LA-based processor that uses steam and compression to squeeze plastic into blocks—to find a new way to reuse plastics that can’t be recycled. These blocks, dubbed ByBlocks, are the same dimensions as concrete blocks (eight by eight by 16 inches) as well as the same R-Value. Unlike concrete, however, ByBlocks are 10 pounds lighter, have Lego-like …

Eyes Can Express an Individual’s True Biological Age

In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers analyzed over 130,000 retinal images from UK BioBank participants between the ages of 40 and 69. As retinas can offer unique insight into the body’s health, researchers set out to compare how one’s biological age—gleaned from eyes—may differ from one’s chronological age. They found a “retinal age gap,” which can work as a biomarker for health risks. If an individual’s biological …

Remembering Trailblazing Fashion Icon André Leon Talley

Fashion industry icon André Leon Talley has passed away at the age of 73. As a fashion journalist and former Vogue creative director—the first Black person to occupy this position—Talley pushed for a more diverse industry, helping to pave the way for designers and models of color to gain more visible, prominent and numerous positions within the industry. His pioneering eye, extravagant style and flamboyant …

“The Leaked Recipes Cookbook” Interweaves Food + Internet Privacy

Human rights and technology researcher Demetria Glace recently compiled The Leaked Recipes Cookbook, a collection of over 50 recipes found in the world’s biggest email leaks, from Hillary Clinton to Emmanuel Macron. In sifting through these emails, Glace uncovered how food, internet privacy and corporate culture intersect. She tells MOLD, “Along with these recipes, I found a lot of strange coincidences and stories, and gained an …

Test Drive: 2022 Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid

Progress meets classic luxury in the British brand's stunning sedan


The latest additions to our shoppable directory

MegaWarm Jacket


The MegaWarm Jacket (available in men’s and women’s sizing) is the warmest coat in the world, with a CLO (a measure for thermal insulation that an article of clothing provides) of 9.25—the highest rating of any jacket. With LifeLabs’ innovative WarmLife proprietary technology, this garment not only reflects 100% of a wearer’s body heat back to them, but it’s also fully weatherproof, light and breathable thanks to …


The Marina Abramović Method: Instruction Cards to Reboot Your Life


As a pioneer of performance art (whose work doesn’t shy away from pain, blood or pushing limits), Marina Abramović is well-versed in endurance, concentration and overcoming mental and physical blocks. As such, her 30-card set—The Marina Abramović Method—incorporates exercises that the artist developed to aid in her preparation for intense performances, and aim to help users confront challenges, remain present and unlock higher creative potential. …


Ultimate Sticker Book


With over 700 stickers—including some that glow in the dark and others that sparkle—the Ultimate Sticker Book from Super Smalls features letters, shapes, gems, rainbows and more. Whether for crafting, decorating or just collecting, this booklet contains ample inspiration to spark creativity in young imaginations.


Ray Harness


While attempting to put pups in a harness can result in fumbling and tricky maneuvering, Boo Oh’s Ray Harness makes it seamless and fluid. The handcrafted accessory—made from customized silk rayon rope and Italian Buttero leather—is an exclusive, patent-pending utilitarian design. Made to be easy to use for owners and comfortable for dogs, it’s an elegant take on a humble product.


Meat Loaf: Heaven Can Wait

Meat Loaf (aka Marvin Lee Aday), whose music career spanned six decades, has passed away at 74. Best known for his theatrical, operatic rock ballads, he sold over 100 million records across the world and appeared in various cult films including The Rocky Horror Picture Show (he was also in the original Roxy cast), Fight Club, Wayne’s World and Spice World. Despite his appearance in …

Sevdaliza: High Alone

Experimental artist Sevdaliza releases “High Alone” today, a moody lament that captivates with beautiful darkness. The synth-driven song incorporates elements of psych-rock—a genre the Iranian-Dutch singer-songwriter hasn’t ventured into before. Sevdaliza’s vocals feel especially dejected, with an almost monotone, impassive delivery that conveys a lot of emotion. The track will appear on her new EP titled Raving Dahlia which is set for release on 25 February.

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Gifts That Give Back

COOL HUNTING + Isotope’s Limited Edition GMT 0º Watch

Independent brands unite for a wristwatch with a charitable component

“We wanted to bring a burst of colorful optimism to the dial for the wearer and anyone who might glimpse it,” says Josh Rubin, co-founder and executive creative director of COOL HUNTING, regarding our new collaborative wristwatch. Working with Isotope founder José Miranda, Rubin customized the independent watch brand’s groundbreaking GMT 0º design, layering buoyant colors and complementary accents. A bright, bold piece was born—underscored by …

MOFT’s Tech Accessories Provide Increased Functionality + Freedom

Companion products that untether users from conventional desk setups

Sponsored by MOFT

With “invisible design” at its core, innovation-centric brand MOFT (which stands for Mobile Office for Travelers) aims to eliminate fuss and add freedom to your experience when using tech devices for work or creative play. Crafting compact, lightweight and practical accessories remains paramount for the company, whose products are robust without being clunky, practical without being dull and portable without feeling flimsy. This is possible …

Premiere: “Stranger” by Chris Garneau

A slow-burning, genre-defying track with a pensive music video filmed in Coney Island

The Nature-Inspired Textures of Grand Seiko’s Sōkō Frost Timepieces

Two new US-exclusive special edition wristwatches honor the transition from autumn to winter

Ibibio Sound Machine: All That You Want

London-based Ibibio Sound Machine—Eno Williams, Alfred Kari Bannerman, Anselmo Netto, Joseph Amoako, Philip PK Ambrose, Tony Hayden, Scott Baylis and Max Grunhard—teamed up with Hot Chip for their just-announced album, Electricity. To commemorate the announcement, the eight-piece released “All That You Want,” a masterful Afrofuturist pop track that incorporates elements of electro-pop, soul and Afrobeat. With Hot Chip’s trademark gleaming, synth-heavy sound and vocalist Williams’ …

Lilblackkids: Planet of The Blues

Georgia Anne Muldrow is no stranger to collaborative projects (from working with Madlib to Erykah Badu, Dudley Perkins, Mos Def and others, as well as her groups Jyoti and The Blackhouse) and last week she and new collaborator Keith Rice released their four-track EP, Planet of The Blues: Part One, under the moniker Lilblackkids. The title track combines psychedelic, funk, soul and rap for a …

Black Farmers Rebuild West Virginia’s Farming Economy

As reported in the 2017 Census of Agriculture, there are two million farms in the US but only 35,470 of them are Black-owned. In West Virginia, military veteran and farmer Jason Tartt is trying to change that. Having grown up in the state, Tartt recollects how Black people from his community used to always have a hand in agriculture. However, as the Black population in …

Winter Skin and Hair Essentials

Buffing bars, balms, scrubs and serums to combat the effects of cold weather

Meal-Delivery Platform Shef Empowers Immigrants and Refugees

Providing cooking opportunities, as well as programs for refugees, this for-profit platform breaks barriers to food entrepreneurship

Minimalist Glass Ring


Made to order, each of these minimalist rings comprise a glass band upon which a transparent orb sits. Available in green, mustard, orange or yellow, this accessory is an elegant yet colorful everyday addition that enchants on its own or, for even more brightness, can be stacked with others.