The “Sextech” Patent Has Finally Expired

Since 1998, a patent on “teledildonics”—the connection of sexual-stimulant devices to computers, phones, or tablets has stunted innovation in the sector. The patent strictly protected the—arguably overly broad—idea behind the “method and device for interactive virtual control of sexual aids using digital computer networks.” The owners of the patent, in the eyes of analysts and competitors, seemed to own it solely to troll smaller companies …

Bourbon Glass


After a trip to the heart of bourbon country, Kentucky and Tennessee, Denver & Liely set out to make a glass to designed specifically to enhance the drinker’s experience—much like their handblown whiskey glass. The new one is smooth and intricate with a bold base—much like the drink it was designed for. Price is in AUD.


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The Phenomenon of Coming-Out Videos

Whether funny or solemn, earnest or playful, heartbreaking or heartwarming, the coming-out video has become a significant cultural phenomenon. They are also ever-evolving, as Justice Namaste for Wired writes. As social media changes the conversation, coming-out videos are shifting from diary-like stories to carefully crafted content—many including interviews, personal reflection, reactions, and advice for others in the very same situation. Namaste says, “By focusing so much …

A Guide to The Monumental-Horror Image

Oftentimes subtle and not necessarily depicting a violent nor gory moment in time, the monumental-horror image still strikes terror into viewers and is a picture that will remain etched inside their brains. Sean T Collins has written an essay about the phenomenon for the Outline—breaking down the different kinds and offering plenty of visual guides. Whether it’s Pennywise standing alone, holding balloons on a deserted …

Detroit Design Festival Grows to Month-Long Extravaganza

In 2015, Detroit was anointed as the first-ever UNESCO City of Design in the United States. This honor pertains to their astounding past and the continued revitalization coursing through the Motor City as we speak. In celebration of the award and the abundant creative energy, Detroit Design Core has expanded the Detroit Design Festival from one week’s worth of activities to an entire month of events, competitions …

A Pizza-Making Vending Machine Popped Up in Japan

Italy, the mecca of slow-cooking and pizza perfectionism, drove the first iteration of the pizza vending machine out of town—Claudio Torghele’s Let’s Pizza. Now, the Japanese version, Pizza Self, has appeared outside of a video rental store in Hiroshima. A pizza will set you back around ¥980 (around $9 USD) and, in five minutes, it makes a Neapolitan-style margherita or quattro formaggio pizza, then boxes and …

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Rod+Perf Stool/Table


The Rod+Perf Stool/Table is a beautifully designed, foot-and-a-half tall, steel addition to any living space—and it comes in nine different colors. Its multi-functionality is rooted in its simplicity; it’s sturdy enough to be a stool, tall enough to be a side table, and designed with a perforated top to be the perfect plant holder. Just kept away from humid or wet conditions—the steel frame will …


Glacier White Toothbrush


After releasing all-black and rose-colored brushes, Goby has just introduced an all-white (referred to as “Glacier White”) edition. The brush will come with all the same features: long-lasting battery, session timer, speed variations, and lifetime guarantee.


Bedtime Tea Dog Treats


Bocce’s Bakery makes small-batch dog treats using locally sourced, 100% natural ingredients. Founder, Andrea Tovar, decided to make healthier snacks after reevaluating her dog Bocce’s health and diet; finding that the preservative-plagued treats she had been giving him weren’t helping with his weight problem. These new Bedtime Tea treats are made from banana, lavender, vanilla and oats—and ensure pooches (and pet parents) rest easy.


BW-Space Underwater Drone


Youcan Robot’s BW-Space is a the ideal accessory for any level underwater explorer. The drone is outfitted with a 4K camera, autonomous and piloted control features, and LED light settings. The drone does not come with the Control Remote, but the unit features an autopilot mode and auto-tracking for subjects the 4K, UHD camera recognizes as the focal point.


Peluché: Figure Me Out

Recorded straight to tape during the band’s second take, “Figure Me Out” dances with an escalating instrumental frenzy. Synths and drums dart in, out and around the steady, repetitious vocals and groovy bass of the Peluché song. The London trio dots the track’s momentum with sonic quirks and jangles. This is the first glimpse at music from Unforgettable, Peluché’s debut album, out 28 September.

Guerilla Toss: Green Apple

With their latest single, “Green Apple,” the members of Guerilla Toss seem to be employing some form of kaleidoscopic songwriting—instruments tumble in and out as colorful sonic shapes form and fall back into pieces. Amidst all the chaos (and discord really) nothing feels outside of the realm of the song. It’s lovable world, fully-formed and catchy. Even as the weirdness ramps up and up, the vocals …

Hudson Valley Brewery Makes Beer Based on Instinct, Not Instructions

This upstate New York upstart is already drawing drinkers by the hundreds

Hudson Valley Brewery, a mid-level upstart, has the prowess of a business bound for broader horizons. Their beer—oftentimes pillowy, velvety or (on the occasion when its sour) almost more like Kombucha than beer—is consistently named among the best in the country. The brand’s success thus far certainly pertains to the fact that beer doesn’t have to fit into any theoretical box. Other, stricter drinks—like wine or …

Reef-Safe Vive Sana Sunscreen

Coral-friendly and rich with antioxidants, these serums are kinder to you and the oceans

Last month, Hawaii became the first US state to ban the sale of sunscreens that include the UV-filtering ingredients oxybenzone and octinoxate (it goes into effect in 2021)—not because they harm wearers (though the EWG might disagree), but because they’re toxic to coral reefs and sea creatures. Coral reefs have already been damaged tremendously by climate change; scientists now have evidence that these specific sunscreen …

Aretha Franklin: Live on Midnight Special 1976

A true icon, Aretha Franklin passed away today at 76 years old. Winner of countless awards, Franklin was a legend not just because of the accolades she achieved, but for the way she made her audiences feel. While her vocals can seem, at times, effortless, there’s such emotion and power driving them that listeners can’t help but feel their heart swell. Born in Memphis and …

Cat Power feat. Lana Del Rey: Woman

The final song recorded for—and the second song released from—Cat Power’s forthcoming album Wanderer, “Woman” floods the ears with a bluesy beating heart. Lana Del Rey guests on the track, underlining Chan Marshall’s mantra-like repetition of identity. Visuals come from Greg Hunt, and focus on several beautiful performances of the song. The album will be the first release from Marshall in six years—and all early indicators …

100+ Miles on Norco’s Optic C2 Mountain Bike

Test riding an understated bicycle that's ready for anything

Founded in 1964 in Northern Vancouver (aka The North Shore), Norco is a humble Canadian brand that makes mountain bikes that are up to the challenge. The North Shore is thought to be the birthplace of free-ride mountain biking and is, without question, home to some of the gnarliest trails in the world, giving Norco a leg up in testing. It should be no surprise …

Sade: Kiss of Life (KAYTRANADA Remix)

Just about everything DJ/producer KAYTRANADA (aka Louis Kevin Celestin) touches turns to glittery gold, so it’s no surprise that his remix of Sade‘s sublime “Kiss of Life” is a bop. The song (from 1992’s Love Deluxe) has been given KAYTRANADA’s signature infectious, dance-floor-ready touch—which doesn’t take away from the original’s groove. He also shared a rework of A Tribe Called Quest‘s “Midnight” (from 1993’s Midnight Marauders) as well as …

Locksley: Black Ajax

From Forward, the first full-length album released by NYC-based Locksley in nine years, “Black Ajax” marries many beloved indie-rock styles from the last decade to great effect. It’s a bit flashy, a bit rollicking and undeniably catchy from the beginning. As for the 15-track album, it’s really a compilation of work from years’ worth of their recordings that never made it onto other albums, assembled …

All the Magical, Technical Benefits of Vollebak’s Graphene Jacket

For the first time, a brand has been able to turn the notoriously difficult to work with, aerospace revolutionizing material, graphene into a piece of consumer outerwear. The thin, expensive graphite-derived matter is very hard to produce and manipulate—especially in large quantities. But London-based Vollebak has utilized it for their $695 reversible jacket—and it’s stunning. The material make it capable of “absorbing heat and then …