Interview: Art Feynman (Luke Temple) on Music, Art and Isolation

From the premiere of his Trump-centric single, "Not My Guy," to a discussion on artistic intention

Concrete 3D-Printed House Built in 48 Hours

Working in collaboration with developer Buřinka (aka Stavebni Sporitelna Ceske Sporitelny), sculptor Michal Trpák has designed a 43-square-meter concrete house called Prvok—a structure that can be 3D-printed in just 48 hours and will float on water. The first of its kind in the Czech Republic, the house’s building process not only cuts construction costs, reduces CO2 emissions by 20% and minimizes waste, but the resulting …

City Hall: Masterpieces of American Civic Architecture


Within City Hall: Masterpieces of American Civic Architecture, photographer Arthur Drooker presents expressive, exacting imagery of the administrative hubs of various local governments. The chronological chronicle travels from the early 19th century to today—representing the wonders of Buffalo, Boston and beyond while showcasing styles that range from Federalist to modern. The book includes a foreword by historian Douglas Brinkley, and mayors (current and former) offer stories …


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Crayola’s All-New “Colors of the World” Line Broadens Their Skin-Tone Representation

Working with renowned makeup chemist Victor Casale—who has spent three decades striving to formulate diverse foundation colors—iconic crayon-maker Crayola broadens their skin tone range with the all-new Colors of the World line. It includes 24 specially formulated crayons “designed to mirror and represent over 40 global skin tones across the world,” as well as four hair and four eye colors (in the 32-count box). It’s …

2020 Turner Prize Broadens its Impact

The Turner Prize typically shortlists four artists, with the winner receiving £25,000 and three runners-up receiving £5,000 in prize money. While this year’s Turner Prize has been “cancelled,” 10 winners will be chosen—and each will be awarded £10,000 in an effort to support more artists. The highly regarded award (named for J.M.W. Turner) is one of many that has altered its rules and the scope …

Mystery of Glass Frogs’ Translucent Skin Solved

Found in tropical Central and South America, the glass frog (of the Centrolenidae family) was the center of a recent study which reveals the creature’s translucent skin to be a camouflage device. While the frog’s back is typically “vivid green with their intestines and heart visible through their underbelly,” their legs are more see-through—making them much harder to detect. Dr James Barnett (postdoctoral researcher and …

The Museum of Youth Culture Seeks Submissions

The UK’s Museum of Youth Culture (an exclusively digital operation until they move into their physical space in 2023) has asked the public to peruse old photo albums and smartphone libraries for documentation of awkward teen moments, significant events, fleeting trends, and everything from childhood—shameful haircuts included. Called “Grown Up in Britain,” the project deviates from the museum’s original process for souring images,  prompting professional …

Programming Highlights for We Are One: A Global Film Festival

Tribeca Enterprises + YouTube's historic cinematic event of free feature films, shorts, animated movies and VR

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Hand Care Kit


Concocted from premium ingredients (and free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, phthalates, talc, dyes, aluminum and BHA), Hawthorne’s new hand care kit includes two products designed to work in tandem. First, their vegetable-derived cleanser features all-natural notes of bergamot, cedar wood and mandarin. Second, their non-greasy hand cream owes its hydration capabilities to almond and coconut oils. The former comes in a 10-ounce container, the latter …


Papa Bear Arm Chair

$Available upon request

From solid oak and Edelman shearling (alpaca bouclé yearling and dark blue and white bouclé), Pierre Yovanovitch’s whimsical Papa Bear Arm Chair is handmade in France by the artisans of Ateliers Jouffre. Yovanovitch looked to the Goldilocks and the Three Bears fairytale for inspiration, evidenced by the ear-like additions and cuddly, anthropomorphic aesthetic. It’s absurd, aspirational and all-around entertaining. Price is available upon request from the Invisible Collection.


Relatively White (2018)


Using old-world techniques, Good Intentions Wine Company crafts their wines with minimal intervention. All fruits are hand-picked at their three vineyards, located at the base of one of Australia’s youngest volcanoes, Mount Gambier (also known as Ereng Balam) on South Australia’s Limestone Coast. The cool climate, rainfall and limestone of the region all contribute to making fantastic wines, which Good Intentions ferments with indigenous yeasts. …


Paula Scher: 25 Years at the Public


“Why should I correct my mistakes when all of the innovation exists in the mistake?” This kind of rebellious thinking makes Paula Scher’s work feel fresh yet instantly recognizable, evidenced best in her forthcoming book, 25 Years at the Public, A Love Story. The artist, designer and Pentagram partner has been developing the visual language for the non-profit theater group for more than two decades, from …


JONES: Giving It Up

East London-based JONES (aka Cherie Jones-Mattis) created a buoyant alt-pop song in “Giving it Up”—a tune that she says was a “chocolate addiction confessional turned audio diary entry about a story where I found love in a very unexpected person.” Her soft, soulful vocals carry the song, while production from Fyfe and Mike Spencer lends a bright and airy tone. The Nina Ljeti-directed video contrasts …

ROLE MODEL: For The People In The Back

Premiering on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show, “For The People In The Back” by ROLE MODEL (aka Tucker Pillsbury) is an ode to independence, a notion that’s emphasized through the chorus, “I don’t need / No, no, nobody.” Throughout the rest of the track, ROLE MODEL reverts to the rap-sing style he favored on previous releases. In his second to last verse, he comes to …

Levy’s Innovative, Entry-Level Electric Scooter

An interchangeable battery system extends range and improves rider confidence

Artist Andrew Erdos’ Glowing Mountain of Poured Glass at The Chimney

One artificial monolith born from hundreds of layers of molten material

Becky and the Birds: Paris

Gentle and meditative, “Paris” by Becky and the Birds (aka singer/songwriter/producer Thea Gustafsson) was written in a hotel in the French capital, as Gustafsson couldn’t escape thoughts about a person back home in Sweden. The atmospheric tune, with distorted vocals drifting over it, appears on Gustafsson’s upcoming EP, Trasslig, which is out next month.

Astronaut Urine Will Be a Valuable Resource on the Moon

Since the cost of shipping resources to the moon remains prohibitively high, planning for long stints—or even habitation—requires savvy, as the rugged surface (aka regolith) restricts growth. Earlier this year, researchers found that, when mixed with moon dirt, astronaut urine could be a remarkably useful building material. When urea, “the second-most common compound in human urine after water” is blended with the dirt, the resulting …

machinegum: Kubes

machinegum (the artist collective that counts Strokes drummer Fab Moretti, Ian Devaney and Martin Bonventre as members) crowdsourced scenes of everyday routines for their “Kubes” music video. Justin Bartha directed the work after the band put out instructions for submission on their website back in February, a prescient move. The track first appeared on their debut album, Conduit, released last year on French Kiss Records. A …

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