NYC’s Central Park Tower to be the Tallest Residential Building in the World

Topping out at a 1,550 feet, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture‘s forthcoming Central Park Tower will set a new precedent for Billionaires’ Row, aka West 57th Street in NYC. 179 two-to-eight bedroom residences will start on floor 32. Designed by Rottet Studio, they’ll range from 1,435 square feet to over 17,500 square feet. It’s the ‘Central Park Club’ that may be most appealing however, as it offers …

U-2/51-JET Wristwatch


With design inspiration taken from the Royal Air Force’s 100 Squadron—the first UK military division formed for night bombing, back in 1917—Bremont’s U-2/51-JET features the brand’s trademarked “51” lume, heat treated steel blued hands and a hardened, stainless steel DLC Trip-Tick case. On there back there’s an exhibition caseback revealing the modified calibre 11 ½”’ BE-36AE automatic chronometer inside. It’s a striking new timepiece from the English …


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Bringing Extinct Species Back From the Dead with Gene-Editing

American scientist Ben Novak has spent the past six years working on a process referred to as de-extinction—with the goal of bringing back the passenger pigeon species that died off in 1914. In Melbourne, Australia Novak has used gene-editing to weave the Cas9 gene into the reproductive organs of common pigeons. Cas9 enables the use of CRISPR, a tool that acts as molecular scissors and …

Palm’s Minuscule New Mobile Phone Sidekick

In an effort to revive the Palm brand—one synonymous with the PalmPilot and Personal Digital Assistants and so many other widely-embraced developments in the ’90s and early aughts—a California company has released a new device under the name. It’s the first release with Palm branding since HP acquired and shuttered the brand—and it’s not what one would expect. The Palm smartphone is being touted as …

Stephen Hawking’s Last Book Offers Brief Answers to Big Questions

In his collection of final thoughts, published 16 October, physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking addresses nothing less than the future of humanity. The book, called Brief Answers to the Big Questions, emphasizes the importance of regulating artificial intelligence, implementing clean nuclear fusion power and preparing for asteroid collision. He also predicted that gene editing tools will create an advanced race of superhumans—and so much more. In many …

Butterfly Wings Explored Through Chris Perani’s Marco Photography

Layer upon layer of  iridescent scales, running along multicolored hairs, are revealed through Chris Perani’s marco photography of butterfly wings. The photographer employs a 10x microscope objective affixed to a 200mm lens in order to get such precision. The findings are perhaps unsurprisingly exquisite and thoroughly mesmerizing, but Perani’s method is certainly notable. See more imagery at Colossal, where Perani outlines his process further.

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Denim Quilted Jacket


Not your typical jean jacket, the denim quilted jacket in carlow from Levi’s Made & Crafted invokes elegant Japanese design. From the integrated, belted drawstring to the collarless silhouette and front patch pockets, it’s distinctly handsome. The jacket pairs 100% cotton with 100% polyester fill.


Ruinart Rosé “1764” Spice Blend Set


La Boîte’s Master Spice Blender, Lior Lev Sercarz, honors Ruinart‘s release of the first-ever rosé champagne (back in 1764) with a dynamic set, developed in conjunction with the iconic maison. Within the limited edition kit, one finds Lev Sercarz’s custom spice blend, a wooden serving spoon and a recipe designed for pairing. Lev Sercarz’s “1764” spice—featuring sumac, licorice, cubeb and other earthy spices—partners acidic notes with fruit …


Runwell Wall Clock


Built in Detroit from a powder-coated, die-cast zinc casing and a stamped aluminum dial, this limited edition Runwell Wall Clock was conceived of by two CH favorites in the time-keeping design industry: George Bamford and Shinola. Bamford and Shinola’s team conceptualized the 14-inch product together—and Bamford’s signature light-blue pops against the clock’s dynamic gray-scale coloration. The clock can be hung or rested upon the included …




Cherry is a fast-paced tale of the perils of addiction, war, psychosis and struggle. Nico Walker penned the novel, his debut, amidst his 11-year prison sentence for bank robbery (of which he’s now serving the final two years).  The tale begins with woeful scenes of an unnamed narrator selling shoes and drugs to get by. A nice, middle-class upbringing morphs into a life of deception …


Dominic Fike: 3 Nights

Dominic Fike, a recent Columbia Records signee and a Naples, Florida native, just released his debut EP, Don’t Forget About Me, Demos. A standout on the six track release is “3 Nights,” an acoustic guitar-backed alternative hit. It hums along to a recognizable, steady beat (with loads of personality). Fike displays his vocal ability and flexes a bit of his star-power potential here—which is impressive considering …

Angelo De Augustine feat. Sufjan Stevens: Time (Live at Reservoir Studios)

From lyrical lacework to a whistling hook, Angelo De Augustine’s “Time” acts as a powerful introduction to the singer/songwriter’s forthcoming album Tomb. Both the track and album were produced by Thomas Bartlett, aka Doveman, and his complex warmth once again blankets listeners. De Augustine has released two videos for the track—an official music video, directed and filmed by Jess Calleiro and a live version from Reservoir Studios, with …

The Pulse of the City: Culture Lab Detroit 2018

Insight into the Motor City's future with consideration for the past

This past week signaled the onset of Culture Lab Detroit—the annual series of events that magnify the pulse of the city. Organized by Jane Schulak, the organization’s director, and led by community-engagement specialists Ingrid LaFleur (former mayoral candidate and current artist and activist) and Bryce Detroit (entertainment justice activist and founder of Detroit Recordings Company), guests–including life-long Detroiters, visitors, artists, musicians and press alike—converge on …

A DIY Smart-Home Built with Smartians

Triggers, hubs and trinkets to build your own smart-home

Thus far, the terms “smart-home” and DIY haven’t been synonymous.  Consumers are able to purchase products that make mundane tasks around the house a bit easier, but the process of bringing a home into the 21st century is generally costly and pre-designed. However, Smartians, from Amsterdam-based FROLIC Studio, is a set of motorized knobs and switches meant for making the most of offline products you …

Self-Cleaning and Water-Purifying LARQ Bottles

In just minutes, 99.9999% of contaminants are gone

LARQ bottles feature the same stylish design and temperature maintaining technology as other brands, but these products also purify their contents and self-clean. By now it’s common sense to utilize reusable water bottles whenever possible, but when they’re filled with tap water, they’re not necessarily free of microbes. LARQ safely enables the use of tap water, making sure we’re consuming it in a healthier way—benefitting us …

Millie Turner: Night Running

London-based singer/songwriter Millie Turner has released a steady new tune, “Night Running.” With deep chords and a floating chorus, the song churns along almost reaching anthemic heights. The latter moments of the song encourage listeners to dance and sing along. It’s youthful, independent and even prophetic: “When the dark and day meet in the image of stars / is where we’re gonna find out who we …

Samaria: Shy Girl

Premiering on The Fader, Oakland-based Samaria’s “Shy Girl” is a sweet, lush ballad. Incorporating tidbits from Biz Markie’s classic “Just a Friend” (and maybe Mario’s 2002 version too), the track avoids becoming gimmicky. It will appear on Samaria’s upcoming mixtape Adventures of LoverGirl.

Adobe’s On-the-Go Video Editing App: Premiere Rush CC

Make your videos polished and publishable in just a few minutes

After teasing the release of a new video-editing mobile app in June, today Adobe officially announces that Adobe Premiere Rush CC is available for download at the iOS App Store and on Adobe‘s website—with Android availability coming in 2019. The application is a massive step for Adobe as they cater to a content-savvy and post-heavy audience. Users can record, edit and share, all within the application—with …

Pierpaolo Piccioli’s Renaissance Painting-Inspired Collection for Moncler

For Italian luxury skiwear brand Moncler, Valentino’s acclaimed creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli has delivered a capsule collection that harks back to the forms of early-Renaissance paintings. The full-body, lightweight down-filled-nylon pieces—zip-up hooded capes, layered over padded skirts and paired with gloves—are out today. According to Piccioli, it’s “an uttermost expression of my taste and a very personal effort.” To exemplify the inspiration, textile designer and photographer Suzanne Jongmans released an art series that …

Tonal, the Personal Trainer Built for Your Living Room

An intelligent workout machine that learns like a person

Tonal, a new digital training system from a team of Apple, Fitbit and Nest alums, is working to bring the luxury of personal trainers and organized workouts home. Comprised of a screen a bit smaller than a full-length mirror and adjustable arms that hold a cable system, Tonal mounts to the wall (with the help of an installation guide) and requires no extra purchases if …

Orgasm Faces Around the World

According to a study published this week by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it seems orgasmic facial expressions vary depending on where in the world you’re from. When asked to decide which face was mid-climax, participants from Western cultures decided an orgasm looked more excited and outward (signified by an open mouth and wide-eyes) while Eastern participants believed that an orgasm looked like closed …