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MIT Scientist’s Quest For a Bot That Can Smell As Well As a Dog

“We have $100 million worth of equipment downstairs. And the dog can beat me?” MIT scientist Andreas Mershin asks. “That is pissing me off.” Mershin aims to develop a bot that detects an antigen that can be an indicator of prostate cancer. It’s one that properly trained dogs can sniff out with 90% accuracy. The physicist’s lab, Label Free Research Group, is attempting artificial olfaction, …

Rook Towel


Seemingly simple at first glance, Slowtide’s Rook towel features a black and white checkered pattern, but at the center, the design shifts and the checks reorient themselves. Best of all, this product is made from material sourced from the Cotton LEADS Program, an initiative dedicated to responsible and sustainable agricultural practices, research and tech.


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1 Terabyte MicroSD Cards Hit Shelves

For $450, one can now buy a 1 terabyte version of SanDisk’s Extreme microSD cards. While the announcement was made back at Mobile World Congress, the product is now officially available on the SanDisk site. Current read speeds reach 90MB/s, and write speeds rise to 60MB/s—and an even faster version is expected in the near future. As Tech Crunch notes, many may “have a nightmare …

National Geographic’s Tips on Ethical Wildlife Tourism

In an attempt to navigate tourists away from problematic and unethical wildlife experiences, National Geographic has published five tips for tourists.  To prevent animals’ suffering, one must tread lightly and look for red flags. Research, of course, is most important. As tourists love animals and the industry can be responsive, we must all look through potentially misleading terms like “gives back to conservation,” “sanctuary,” and “rescue,” …

The 79th Whitney Biennial Curators on the Show’s Influences

From complex appreciation to declarations of pleasant and considerate curation and calm amidst controversy, the reviews for this year’s Whitney Biennial vary—as one would expect of an exhibition tasked with representing the immediate state of art in the USA. Curators Rujeko Hockley and Jane Panetta (members of the museum’s curatorial staff) selected 75 participants—with a successful focus on diversity and representation. Further, three quarters of the …

Lora DiCarlo’s Pleasure Toy Award Reinstated at CES

Earlier this year, sex-tech company Lora DiCarlo was awarded a Robotics Innovation Award at CES, then the award was revoked. Now, CES has again changed their collective minds, and reinstated the women-centric Osé pleasure toy the honor, with the Consumer Technology Association announcing that they “did not handle this award properly.” The debacle did, as expected, result in important conversations around inclusivity in tech, sex-tech …

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Insight into the Whitney Biennial, a win for sex-tech, tips for ethical tourism and more

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Ambrosia Lazy Susan


Handcrafted by Canadian studio Concrete Cat, this striking Lazy Susan is made from pigmented concrete and is available in lots of otherworldly colorways—our pick is this speckled blue iteration. Some 14 inches in diameter, each one is handmade, unique and a striking addition to the home.


A Goddess For You Soap


Artist Judy Chicago is familiar with the goddess theme and has interpreted the Venus of Willendorf—an oolitic limestone figure from 30,000 BCE—for this limited edition soap. Made in collaboration with Prospect, it’s crafted from sustainably sourced ingredients and scented with moonflower, river grass and freesia.


What My Mother and I Don’t Talk About


This beguiling book is made up of 15 stories by 15 writers, each exploring their relationship with their mother. What My Mother and I Don’t Talk About began as a moving personal essay by Michele Filgate, the book’s editor, and is unputdownable. Whether estranged or close, funny, tender, heartbreaking or mystifying, each of these mother/child dynamics is complex and entirely unique—yet readers will see themselves in …


Améline Perfume


PHLUR’s newest fragrance, Améline is a fresh and summery perfume that features notes from classic scents including rose, Italian bergamot, pink pepper, patchouli and sandalwood. Like all of their perfumes, this formula is made for all genders, hypoallergenic, and free of parabens, phthalates, BHT, phenoxyethanol and synthetic musk. Not overly floral, this scent is clean and elegant.


Slow Pulp: Do You Feel It

Roaring and somewhat reminiscent of a staticky space transmission, Slow Pulp’s “Do You Feel It” turns from a minimal soundscape into a classic—almost hair metal—anthem. Guitars slowly creep in as steady drums keep it all together. There’s an almost live quality to the track—which emits incredible energy over its short but sweet two minutes.

Tyler, The Creator: A Boy Is A Gun

Off Tyler, the Creator’s newest album, Igor, “A Boy Is A Gun” is a genre-blending track that highlight’s Tyler’s best qualities: his ability to slip into deep-voiced verses soon spliced with an imperfect falsetto, all to form intricate soundscapes and, most of all, to make his tracks instantly recognizable. Undoubtedly his most anticipated release, Tyler delivers and then some with Igor.

Five Events at NYCxDesign This Weekend

From kinetic installations to all-women shows, plenty of pop-ups across the city

Scheduled for the middle of May each year, NYCxDesign turns the city into a walkable, exhibition-ladened activation. From retail pop-ups and concept restaurants to larger-than-life installations and gallery shows, there’s a diverse and immense group of talent on show. Big shows like WantedDesign and ICFF are always worth visiting, but here are a few smaller events worth checking out this weekend. Design Within Reach + …

Sister City’s AI-Generated Lobby Score

Recorded by Julianna Barwick, an ambient wave of music is determined by the mood of the city

Sister City, a new outpost from the people behind the Ace Hotel properties, feels like a secret, futuristic escape. Guests check themselves in at kiosks just inside the lobby doors, which exist beyond a stone patio and a doorman-equipped gate (with an even more private back entrance on Freeman Alley). If visitors wished to duck away from the chaos of the city for a minute, …

Venice Biennale 2019: Darkness + Light

From doppelgängers to robots and holograms, some of the shadowy works on show

Johnny Utah: Honeypie

Upbeat and playfully awkward, Philadelphia-based Johnny Utah’s “Honeypie” is equal parts disco-pop and indie delight. Though brief (at just over two minutes long) the song is infectious, thanks to a glitzy beat, handclaps, tambourine, and the overlying falsettos.

River Tiber: Taurus

River Tiber’s “Taurus” is a breezy daydream that seems to float along its four-minute existence. Written, produced and recorded by the Toronto-based artist (aka Tommy Paxton-Beesley), the track also features vocals, guitar, bass, synth, Rhodes, piano and violin all by him—with additional hazy vocals and guitar from Justin Nozuka. Despite all the layers, the song is ultimately minimal, delicate and almost meditative.

Venice Art Biennale 2019: Bold + Bright

Exploring identity, intimacy and more, through some of our favorite colorful pieces

Writer/Director Jacob Mendel Brown’s “Model Boy” Web Series

A six-part narrative foray into the darkness within modeling culture

Models of all genders hustle to make money in an industry that frequently subjects them to objectification, an obsession with youth and need to appease the male gaze. From outside the modeling industry (and perhaps fashion as a whole) many people see dated beauty standards affixed to unrealistic representations of lavish lifestyles. All of this—and more—guides the dramatic force of writer/director Jacob Mendel Brown’s new …

Interview: Master Perfumer and Royal Salute 21 Whisky Consultant Barnabé Fillion

Exploring the ways in which scent combinations create and evoke memories

We know that the brain employs scent to trigger memories and feelings. Without your olfactory system running properly, smelling certain things would be difficult—and, of course, food and drinks would taste different too. Perhaps most importantly, your brain wouldn’t create lasting memories in the same way. On a  recent trip to Dubai, we spoke with master perfumer and Royal Salute 21 whisky consultant, Barnabé Fillion …

“T.C. Cannon: At the Edge of America” at the National Museum of the American Indian

Bold, political, multidimensional and wildly important works by the visionary artist

Books + Beach Towels for Summer 2019

Dynamic duos for the ideal summer day off