Coca-Cola Looks to Marijuana-Derived CBD for its Drinks

The marijuana-derived cannabinoid CBD—already building quite the reputation as anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-nausea and anti-seizure aid, in states where it’s being treated as legal—might find a home in Coca-Cola products. According to Bloomberg, “Coca-Cola is exploring the possibility of using CBD as an infusion in ‘wellness beverages.’” Plenty of studies and corroborated results address the benefits of CBD (from weed, not hemp)—and make note of the fact that …

Indigo Apron


Buaisou’s handmade indigo garments, cloths and tapestries have an undeniable uniqueness. Slight variations in color (thanks to the dyeing process, washes and fading) only add to their character. This apron, made from 52% cotton and 48% linen, is lightweight but durable. The cross-back button straps reduce strain and a pouch pocket offers reinforced storage.


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iRobot’s Latest Roomba Robot Vacuum Empties Itself

With the Roomba i7+, another hassle associated with cleaning has been handled thanks to robotic developments. iRobot’s newest robot vacuum iteration actually empties itself while docked. All detritus makes its way from the Roomba into a bag that’s reportedly good for 30 fillings—and easily lifts out of the dock when full. Another noteworthy change on the model: bristles have been replaced with rubber surfaces on the …

A Victory for TSA PreCheck Members

More than five million travelers have enrolled in TSA PreCheck since it launched in 2013. That, alone, hasn’t caused congestion—but TSA’s willingness to shift non-PreCheck travelers into the lane, to ease congestion elsewhere, has lead to longer wait times for those who’ve paid (in time and money) for the pre-screening. Last week, the US House of Representatives passed the PreCheck is PreCheck Act of 2018—which, if it …

Frieze Art Fair’s First-Ever Los Angeles Edition

The internationally renowned Frieze Art Fair will make its LA debut next year (14-17 February) and promises to feature a long and impressive list of exhibitors, hosts and a rich music program. The entirety of the event will take place in Paramount Studios, but organizers are working diligently to guarantee attendees know they’re in Los Angeles and not some staged set. “All Frieze fairs are …

Researchers May Have Found the Earliest Drawing

In South Africa’s Blombos Cave, researchers have discovered what is believed to be the world’s earliest drawing. The drawing—a crosshatch made on one rock using another—predates other uncovered art by a whopping 30,000 years. Researchers claim, though, that this by no means makes the Blombos Cave people artists, rather it identifies their interest in “graphical designs,” says Chantal Tribolo from Bordeaux Montaigne University. The team admits …

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Field Pillow


Made from 100% cotton, this embroidered pillow from Dusen Dusen is a color-block delight. The array of hues beautifully incorporates both neutrals and pastels. Available in two sizes (18 inches or 24 inches), it’s canvas-backed to ensure a bit of structure no matter how many times you rest on it.


Picasso Bong


In a limited edition run of 50, Guy Overfelt has created near-exact replicas of Picasso’s ceramic work from the 1950s—and made them functioning bongs. This one, dubbed “Picasso,” was made in Jingdezhen in southern China—a region known for its porcelain production. Whether used as a bong, displayed as an objet d’art, or even a vase, it’s a playful take on an artwork originally made by a …


Traversa Record


Geotic’s upcoming album Traversa, out on Ghostly on 19 October, will be pressed on limited edition translucent vinyl. The record promises to be beautiful (like all the ambient pop outfit’s music) and the vinyl accompaniment is packaged beautifully too—adorned with iridescent cover art and a geometric sleeve-liner.


Musical Chairs Umbrella


Parra’s “Musical Chairs” umbrella is a playful guard against wet, woeful weather. Heavy-duty framework and a faux leather handle anchor the construction, making this durable against heavy rain and gusty winds, and the pattern is undeniably Parra—with his beaky-nosed figures covering the piece.


jives: Your Reality

Tom Rose, known by his moniker jives, released the Strawberry Girl EP yesterday, 17 September, on More Creativity Records. A standout from the three track drop is “Your Reality.” It’s hypnotic—and a mysterious interlude divides the track, with the first half possessing an otherworldly delicacy and the latter functioning as a well of dark beats. The rhythm of the second portion is infectious and attention-grabbing—especially for a …

Maribou State feat. Holly Walker: Nervous Tics

English electronic duo Maribou State, comprised of Chris Davids and Liam Ivory, enlist the help of London-based singer Holly Walker for “Nervous Tics.” It’s a single off the duo’s album Kingdoms in Colour which released 7 September on Counter Records. An accompanying video for the steady, sultry tune is a technicolor loop of nervous tics—though, most of them appear as dance moves, carrying a diverse cast of …

Premiere: “Torpedo” by Chris Garneau feat. Shannon Funchess of Light Asylum

A deep, dark sonic return by the talented singer/songwriter

With each and every release, songwriter Chris Garneau expresses a deep sensory lesson—emotions and experiences flee through a musical landscape, hand in hand, yearning. His work always conveys a reality both close to the heart and ever so far away from expectation, lit by an imagination that’s undeniably powerful. “Torpedo,” Garneau’s latest, enters a place on the darker end of sonic spectrum—and even though Garneau’s voice acts as …

Noname: Room 25

After her wildly impressive 2016 mixtape Telefone, Chicago-based slam poet/rapper, Noname (aka Fatimah Warner) has released her highly anticipated debut LP, Room 25—and it’s everything we’ve been hoping for. The record (which Warner funded and released independently) feels effortlessly laid-back as it bounces from intimate and evocative, to minimal to infectious, groovy, seductive and soulful. Her flow is polished yet nuanced, and the entire album is quite mesmerizing—from …

The First “100% Uncensored” Game is Finally Playable

Steam, the widely popular and incredibly expansive catalog of PC video games, has approved its first “100% uncensored” game. This comes on the heels of years of turmoil between developers and Steam executives. Representatives for Steam admit that the discrepancy between “adult games” and pornography was halting the genre rollout—they didn’t want people to see explicit content if they didn’t intend to. But Negligee: Love Stories, one …

The Ting Tings: Blacklight

It’s been more than a decade since The Ting Tings burst forth from Manchester with powerful, direct and simply lovable pop-rock. Ahead of their fourth studio album, The Black Light, the band has released new single “Blacklight” and it’s got all the makings of a dance-floor hit. It may come across as darker than their previous offerings, but it still gets the body moving.

It Seems Trees Actually Can “Talk”

“Hub trees”—a name for the oldest and tallest trees with the vastest root systems—have better access to sunlight than other trees and this leads them to create excess sugar. That sugar is distributed through their roots, underground, to fungi. These fungi, that need sugar to survive, spread their threads (known as Mycelium) through the root system of trees to absorb excess sugar. In return, the …