How and Why the Kilogram Value Changed

At this year’s General Conference of Weights and Measures, a collective of 60 countries voted to change the kilogram’s value. Up until this vote, the kilogram was based on a platinum and iridium fragment, called the “Le Grande K,” which is stored in a chamber in the International Bureau of Weights and Measures in Sèvres, France. Over time, Big K seemed to be losing weight—or its replicas …

Marijuana Swimming Shorts


High Times and Japanese brand Wacko Maria collaborated on a capsule collection that boldly celebrates cannabis culture. From it, these swim shorts are anything but subtle—emblazoned with the magazine’s various logos and marijuana leaves. With an elasticized drawstring waistband and plenty of pocket room, they’re a classic shape and fit, with a not-so-classic all-over print.


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Inside Japan’s KitKat Factory

From the carpark to the chocolate tank room, baking line, moulding queue and beyond, this series of videos takes viewers on a tour of the KitKat factory in Japan’s Ibaraki Prefecture. Beginning with intense hygiene and cleaning rituals, the videos are “weird and wonderful” and entirely enthralling. See them all at Core77.

Tavares Strachan and SpaceX Send Art to Space

On Monday, 19 November, SpaceX will send its Falcon 9 rocket into space. But, this time the launch will be adorned with a Tavares Strachan sculpture of Robert Henry Lawrence Jr, the first African-American NASA-trained astronaut. Sadly, Lawrence Jr never made it to space (he died in a jet crash in 1967) but, thanks to this collaboration, a 24-karat gold bust of his likeness will …

Land Ark’s Mid-Century Modern-Inspired RV

Referred to as the “Draper,” Land Ark’s latest RV pairs mid-century angles and materials with sophisticated spatial management. From an exterior panel that drops into an elevated outdoor patio to a sleeping loft flooded with natural light, indoor and outdoor frequently engage. There’s a walk-in shower, convertible couch and large kitchen, too—but it’s the white-washed pine and elegant proportions that truly impress. See more photos and …

Gravity Images Reveal Lost Continents Under Antarctica

For four years, the European Space Agency’s Gravity field and Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE) satellite accumulated data on Earth’s gravitational field. Now, scientists are using that information to best understand what lies beneath Antarctica’s ice sheets. Here, they’re learning that East and West Antarctica bear fundamental differences, including lithosphere thickness. Underneath the former, there are actually several similarities to the continent’s closest neighbors. Read more at VICE.

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The latest additions to our shoppable directory

Hamburger Eyes No. 36


The latest from LA-based publisher Hamburger Eyes, No. 36: The Continuing Story of Life on Earth, is a 120-page perfect-bound collection of the beloved Boston Herald photographer Arthur Pollock’s work. Hamburger Eyes has been publishing—be it on Xeroxed paper or otherwise—for almost 18 years now.


Pixentu Street Photography Jacket


Designed as a camera bag replacement, Leica’s Pixentu jacket comes packed with features. There’s built-in space for a tripod; waterproof, soft, lined pockets for lenses; and space for a camera—not to mention an especially long hood to protect you and your camera when shooting in wet weather. Available from size XS to XXL, it’s a wildly practical item made for people of all ages and genders.


Nilotica Goddess Glow


Part moisturizer, part illuminator, Nilotica Goddess Glow feels soft and nourishing—neither caked-on and dry, nor greasy. The subtle hint of sparkle creates delicate radiance, while the rosy tint gives color. It’s free from synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, phenoxyethanol, sulfates, triclosan and gluten—and it’s also vegan and cruelty-free.


Designer Room Cat House


This minimal cat house—made from plywood and a black aluminum frame—is ideal for indoor or outdoor felines. Cozy but not claustrophobic, the house features a half-wall for entry/exit, as well as two windows—for views and ventilation. At 18 inches tall, it’s available in finished or unfinished wood.


A$AP Rocky: Sundress

Fresh off the buzz from his 2018 release, TESTING, comes A$AP Rocky’s Kevin Parker-infused and Danger Mouse-produced track titled “Sundress.” The song samples Tame Impala‘s “Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?” from the full-length debut Innerspeaker. The upbeat track is anchored by the sample, but its highest points are Rocky’s chorus and his heartbroken verse—which is reflected in the video’s choose-your-adventure-style love story directed by Frank Lebon.

serpentwithfeet: bless ur heart (acoustic)

Brooklyn-based artist serpentwithfeet (aka Josiah Wise) breathes new life into “bless ur heart” with a just-released acoustic rendition. From Wise’s LP soil, the original and highly theatrical track sheds its layers as Wise lets his delicate vocals rise in a tender, moving and transcendent way.

Paris Photo Fair 2018: Highlights

The focus of this year's event was firmly on talented women photographers

Now in its 22nd edition, Paris Photo remains the premier fair for photo-based art, where rare masterpieces are presented alongside the under-appreciated or the over-looked—and all under the majestic green iron curves of the Grand Palais. This year, fair organizers and exhibitors were noticeably influenced by the growing global request to do more to improve the recognition of women. At the invitation of the fair, …

Effective and Efficient Hydration with Liquid I.V.

Osmotic science allows for optimum hydration

Whether it’s after a long flight, workout, or big night, our bodies oftentimes need hydration. By enlisting the help of decades-old science led by the World Health Organization, Liquid I.V. hydrates (whether you’re active or sedentary) more effectively and efficiently than water alone. Their “hydration multiplier” comes in three flavors: açaí berry, lemon lime and—our favorite—passion fruit. The non-GMO electrolyte drink mix uses CTT (cellular transport technology) …

Your Smith: The Spot (Young & Sick Remix)

Your Smith (aka LA-based singer/songwriter Caroline Smith) released her debut EP, Bad Habit, earlier this year and much of its thoughtful, playful ethos and sonic palette honestly remind one of Sheryl Crow’s debut Tuesday Night Music Club. Dutch artist Young & Sick took EP-standout and lead single “The Spot” and gave it a disco-driven, dance-worthy remix. It’s an uptempo cocktail party track that will have hips …

SG Lewis feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs: Dusk

London-based SG Lewis (aka Sam Lewis) has just released another enthralling track, this time teaming up with fellow British DJ/producer and vocalist Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs for “Again.” The song is from the second chapter of Lewis’ three-part concept album Dusk, Dark, Dawn and is a textured electronic track that’s a little heavier than the releases from Dusk. Still, it’s warm and rich—thanks in part to the tender …

Unagi’s Design-Forward Electric Scooter

Ride along with zero emissions and speeds up to 15mph

Even though electric scooters have gained so much popularity, they don’t look much different than the manual ones from a decade ago. Now, however, the design-forward, zero-emission Unagi is hitting the market to elevate the humble scooter with the help of Japanese TORAY carbon fiber and more. Beyond the sturdy material, there’s plenty of clever design throughout the Unagi; from the 6.5-inch rubber tires with built-in air-pockets (to prevent flats …

58mm Lens


Compatible with any of Moment’s photo or battery cases, this 58mm lens is a high quality telephoto attachment that improves your phone’s camera capabilities. This means users can capture 2x or 4x on a dual-lens phone (with the help of their nifty app). Whether it be on an iPhone, Pixel or Galaxy, the lens’ focal length allows for compelling portraits and sharp images—even from a distance.


“Glass for Good” Hand Wash


A limited edition collaboration between SFMOMA and method, the reusable crystalline Glass for Good Hand Wash features a copper-tone pump top. Accompanying the vessel, Method includes a plant-based, biodegradable violet noir fragrance soap, which they refer to as “a subtle medley of violet leaf, lavender, and cedarwood.” Most important, proceeds from sales will benefit SFMOMA’s educational initiatives.