Artist Andrew Erdos’ Glowing Mountain of Poured Glass at The Chimney

One artificial monolith born from hundreds of layers of molten material

“Not for the peak, but for the mountain” (2020) rises 12 feet up and stretches 12 feet across—an artwork both fragile and powerful, of the Earth and not. The sculpture, commissioned by The Chimney, is Brooklyn-based artist Andrew Erdos‘ largest work to date and anchors his second solo exhibition with the gallery. Erdos nods to geothermal energy with the artificial monolith and the transformation of natural …

Mystery of Glass Frogs’ Translucent Skin Solved

Found in tropical Central and South America, the glass frog (of the Centrolenidae family) was the center of a recent study which reveals the creature’s translucent skin to be a camouflage device. While the frog’s back is typically “vivid green with their intestines and heart visible through their underbelly,” their legs are more see-through—making them much harder to detect. Dr James Barnett (postdoctoral researcher and …

Becky and the Birds: Paris

Gentle and meditative, “Paris” by Becky and the Birds (aka singer/songwriter/producer Thea Gustafsson) was written in a hotel in the French capital, as Gustafsson couldn’t escape thoughts about a person back home in Sweden. The atmospheric tune, with distorted vocals drifting over it, appears on Gustafsson’s upcoming EP, Trasslig, which is out next month.