COOL HUNTING is an award-winning media platform and creative studio powered by curiosity and optimism. We inspire thought leaders and change makers who are designing the future through our editorial, insights, product collaborations and in-person experiences.

Our skills, network and purview are unmatched and enable us to execute a broad range of projects

We bring design thinking to all our work and have deep expertise in the automotive industry

Campaign-Driven Content Production

We believe in high-touch, content and experiential-based programs that build a bridge between a brand and our audience. We leverage our extensive experience in creating editorial words, pictures and videos to develop original content for brands—often without COOL HUNTING branding. We then layer in distribution options through our site and social media accounts as sponsored content. By not branding it CH there are greater opportunities to place this content with other publications.

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Our clients look to us for help gaining insights and developing alignment and narrative.

Insights—We deeply study innovation in the disparate worlds of design, technology, art, culture, travel and automotive and as a result see emergent patterns that inform perspectives on the future.

Alignment—We foster meaningful partnerships to create new business opportunities by identifying and connecting our clients to other companies and individuals within their brand ecosystem.

Narrative—We bring an outsider, yet informed point of view to learning our clients’ heritage, business and brand, in turn constructing the storytelling and communications that will resonate for their target audience.

Learn more about our work with Mercedes-Benz EQ

Product Collaborations

We collaborated with brands and artisans to make products for nearly two decades. We bring a CH perspective to each project and work within a range of pricepoints and edition numbers.

Learn all about our latest collaboration Ferrari Roma Tailor Made, Specially Crafted for COOL HUNTING


As a couture expression of our editorial we periodically organize trips where invited readers can pay to see a destination through our lens. We have hosted trips in Zambia, Cuba, Morocco and Japan to date and are planning the next one for Korea. Each trip includes 24 guests who are accomplished, type-A creatives that would never go on a group trip but trust COOL HUNTING to not only leverage our access to unlock places they can’t see on their own, but to also curate the guests and ensure a fun and meaningful group dynamic.

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