“Moon Selfie” Silk Bandana


Best known for printing high-resolution images on the highest quality natural Italian silks, Slow Factory blends old-world luxury with new technology. Each collection they release explores stories about human rights and environmental awareness and everything the brand makes is fair trade. We’ve been fans of the label for some time, and were naturally excited to work with them for CH Omakase. The “Moon Selfie” image …


ALIVE + ARDOR Olive Oil Special Duo


Available in a limited quantity, the collaboration from Brightland and Slow Factory—called A Special Duo—sees 100% of the proceeds donated to The Slow Factory Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization that fosters community and increases education at the crux of culture and our climate. The set includes Brightland’s ALIVE olive oil and ARDOR chili olive oil, both of which are drawn from heirloom olives at a …


Slow Factory’s Open Education Fall Calendar

Founded in 2012 by Céline Semaan, Slow Factory continues its quest to increase “sustainability literacy” in fashion and all that it entails. Once such endeavor is through free, open education—and they have just announced their upcoming class calendar. With courses including Cultural Appropriation and North Indigenous Peoples, Deconstructing Greenwashing Myths, Waste-Led Design and more, registration is free. All classes are for and by “Black, Brown, …