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COOL HUNTING® is an award-winning independent publication that uncovers the latest intersections of design, culture and technology. We are a team of writers and editors whose curiosity fuels an ongoing quest for the discovery of true inspiration. We leverage our access, insights and knowledge not only to find this, but also to share it with our readers.

We believe:
  • in quality over quantity
  • in showing, not telling
  • in being trusted, yet unpredictable
  • there are no new ideas, just great executions
  • we can be an authority, but still remain curious
  • we know a lot, but it’s a-ok to say “I don’t know”
  • creativity and innovation most often exist at both the high end and the low end
  • there’s enough negativity on the internet, so if we don’t like something we simply don’t write about it
  • coolness comes in three forms: surprising, sustainable and superficial; we only care about two of those
  • “cool” is subjective
  • if we are paid for presenting content on behalf of a partner that we not only try it out first, but we ALWAYS label it as sponsored. If you don’t see that label it’s editorial
Interested in joining our team?
We’re not currently looking to fill any full time positions but are always happy to hear from freelance writers. If you’re interested, email for more information.